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 The Pregnancy Revealed: (Asher)

One year, one month, and one day after Joshua & I were wed
I drove myself to the closest grocery store, grabbed two tests,
 and prayed the whole way home.
God had already revealed to me that I was going to be a Momma, but
I didn't want to get my hopes too high.
As I drove, I prayed and sang songs, and felt pretty calm.

Came home, took the first test... maybe two seconds pass...
Good golly miss molly, I fell to the floor crying and praying.
I guess the feeling is best said to be surreal.
I waited three hours to take the other test...
Same result.

Now how to tell my beloved? I wanted it to be super special.
Joshua and I were wed at this tiny little outside church, 
where you can have free weddings.
Its very popular, and weekends are booked months in advance.
We hadn't been back since getting married, 
though we had both talked about it.
Something told me to go ahead and see if there 
would be a wedding that night (friday)
To my surprise, but almost not... God has a way of working things out... there was no wedding.

I called Jasha and told him we were going
 on a surprise date when he got home.
Now ladies, he had no clue. I had fibbed a tad and told him 
Aunt Flow was coming in a week
when in reality she was already a week late.

Twenty minutes before he got home, a big storm came rolling in.
I prayed, and felt God gave me great peace to drive him through the backroads to get to the little chapel.
(A lot of backroads) & Did I mention I hate driving in rain?
When he came home I gave him a sleep mask, and an ipod to 
throw off his sense of direction.

The rain intensified as I drove, but I felt so much peace from the Lord.
When we got there the rain had let up to a soft, nice drizzle.
I told Jasha to count to a hundred, and then come find me...
He would know where to look.

I got out and ran in the rain to the chapel, on the edge of a cliff.
As soon as I stepped into it, the gas lanterns turned on.
No, joke. I thanked God. It was beautiful.
A minute later, Jasha came running towards me.

We kissed, and hugged... he was still clueless.
He thought we were there just to see the chapel.
I told him how much I loved him. How much I was blessed by our journey 
and where God has brought us, and then I said...
& Our baby loves you too!

"WHAT?!?! Are you kidding! Oh my Gosh... Praise God (Shouting)"
He was so so excited.
We stayed there for a while praying, and kissing, and it was literally beautiful.
Here are some pictures. 

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