Our Story.

 For about a  year I kept feeling like the Lord wanted me to go to this conference in Virginia called Awaken the Dawn. I knew some friends there from over the years, so I decided to buy a plane ticket. I even took off a whole week of school, and everything. At the conference there were roughly about 1,000 people. I remember seeing Joshua right away, but thinking..."I'm not here for boys, Just God." Later I would learn he had thought the exact thing about me, but vice versa ;) After the conference, I ended up delaying my flight to stay an extra day in which we both ended up hanging out at a mutual friends house. Joshua came up to me (which is very unlike him), and said "Hi, I'm Josh, I don't think we've met yet." BAM. I felt like the Lord told my heart without a doubt, "This is the one you have waited for." Joshua talked my ear off that night, and I quietly listened (which is very unlike me). The whole time thinking "Can this be real? How would it work?" We talked till everyone else left, and I had to go get rest for my early flight.

I came home and realized I had already gotten a facebook request from him. My heart fluttered. I also discovered a picture of us together, before we had met. It was right after I was baptized, and I am standing right behind him. The next few months were a world-wind. We quickly became best friends, (thank you skype!) Josh had a dream quickly after we met which he said was confirmation from the Lord that I was the one.
Two months after knowing each other Joshua bought me a plane ticket to visit him, and his family. It was then (yes the second time we had ever hang out) that he proposed to me! We had spent the day together in his home town, and after a night of worshipping at The Prayer Furnace(A Community of Christ Followers) he got down on one knee, and popped the question!  
& Two months after that Joshua moved to Texas, and we were wed! Our ceremony was very small with close family and friends, and as we all sang worship songs together, I couldn't remember a better moment in my life. 
To read more about it check out "The Wedding" link.

In the end of the day,
I can honestly say he is the most kind, pure, and amazing spiritual man I know. He encourages me, and helps me become more like Christ daily. <3 I am so blessed to be called his wife.