Meet The Farrows.

Hello. Nice to Meet You. We are the Farrows. 

   We love Jesus. Each other. & Things of old.

On this blog. You'll hear about...
Asher James (the cutie pointing)
Lincoln Joseph (the baby in the belly)
Joshua/The Hubs/Jasha (the handsome mister on the left).
& me... Elisa or Ellie as my husband likes to call me.

I started this blog to connect to my family back in Texas when I moved to Virginia. Now it is a story to them and anyone who wants to read about a real life little family trying to live a happy and healthy life.
This is my journey of learning all the ways of natural living, and wholehearted devotion to God. 
Its my path to being the wife and mother I was meant to be with all the little hiccups in between. 
I love being real. No masks. Just me.


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