August 20, 2013

Almost Baby

So... last time I went into the doctor I knew I was probably going to be a little dilated... maybe an Cm. Much to my surprise I was 4 cm and 60% effaced, at 36 weeks mind you. My doctor seemed excited and not worried. I have constantly measured a week to two weeks ahead with Linc, as I did with Asher. Asher came two weeks early and was 9 lbs. 7 oz. Uhhh yeah I know. So anyways, my doctor was okay with all my progress. She kept telling me how lucky I am. My labor with Asher was extremely short for a first child so we are thinking this one will be too... 

I guess I just am in some weird state of denial that he will actually be here SO SOON. I am so very excited but my life has literally revolved around just Asher and Josh for the past two plus years. And since I nursed Asher until he was two my whole schedule, my whole physical being was tied up in him. 

So I got a little emotional. Am I ready I thought? But in my heart I felt peace and comfort. This little boy is going to be the greatest gift to my family. I cannot wait to see Asher as an older sibling and to hold a little newborn and fall in love all over again. I cannot wait to see Josh cradle him and kiss him and melt around him. 

I cannot wait & then again I can... because I have a shower this Sunday. 5 days away. 5. And I really would like to be there. So my doctor has put me on a unofficial bed rest of sorts. Her exact words were "I really want you to make it to 37 weeks just because that is the official full term number. I want you to do nothing. Just sit on the couch and do nothing." Well thank the good lord my mother in law is a teacher and has the summer off and can help me watch my little rascal Asher. So hopefully all goes well and I make it to the shower and then the following day I am 37 weeks and as far as I'm concerned he can come whenever he wants. 

On another note: Me and the hubs recently celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary on the 16th. I wrote a lot of sappy stuff about him on Facebook and IG... so here I'll say just this.
I'm so thankful for this hottie of a best friend. 
I am blessed to follow him, hold his hand, kiss him.
He is my favorite. Always.

Write more soon.
Maybe announcing Lincoln's arrival.

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