July 16, 2013

Vacation. Birthday. Pregnancy. Oh My.

Sorry I have been a tad bit quiet. We went on vacation down to Alabama & although it was the week of fourth of July I think I am still in "getting back into the groove mode."
(Pictures from the trip below)

My little fish.

One of the few pictures of me... eating of course ;)

Okay so I am holding my nephew Finn, (little Lincoln in the belly), and my Asher.
My sister in law Beth is holding her Pax, Finn's twin. 
My sister in law Ali is holding her Silvan.
& My brother in law is holding his and Beth's oldest Isaac.

It was great to see family... such a blessing.... but the train ride there and back is something I was not a fan of. I think I had trains glamorized in my head due to movies like The Polar Express... it was more like a glorified bus, and although I think the seats would have been comfy for most... all 30 week pregnant women should stay away. Fair warning ;)

In other news, I turned 24 this past week.
I don't know why I feel like 24 is so much better than 23 but I do. I really am excited about this year. I am especially excited to see my little Link soon.

(me on my birthday with my new chalkboard my momma got me from Urban)

Speaking of Lincoln... Up until this point in my pregnancy everything has been pretty easy breezy. I have tried to be a lot more active and healthy this time around and that has really helped. I was taking Asher outside daily, maintaining my house, all that jazz... but then I guess Lincoln dropped drastically and simultaneously grew drastically because now I am having a straight up difficult time. I went to my doctor who said his head and shoulders are like right there. At the very bottom of the room if you know what I mean. She told me to really take it easy which is hard to do with an active two year old. So I have been having some pressure. A lot of it. With Asher I never had any so this is all new to me.

All this is to say... pregnancy can be tough stuff. Totally worth it though.

To be honest, I have a lot on my heart.
This post is sort of my fluff post... the intro to the indepth stuff that I hope is to come next.
A catch up if you may.

I'll end with this super cute picture of my Asher on his first day of soccer class.
He is growing up so fast I cannot even believe it.

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