July 30, 2013

Time & A Poem

Im pretty sure time is zooming by.
I mean its going to be August and if Lincoln really wanted to he could be born the last week of it.
That. is. CRAZY.
I was looking through old blog posts of mine and found this poem I wrote even before I was pregnant with Asher... I love poetry. Mine is always simple and sweet but that's my heart for the most part. Although I do love a bit of depth and complexity to poetry I've never been one to write like that.

Here it is:

Mommy's Praying For You 
By Elisa Farrow

Oh my baby, oh my dear I think of you all the time.
I look down at my belly & thank God that you'll be mine.
& I can't wait to see your face
& I can't wait to count your toes.
But until then I pray for grace as Daddy & I
Look at your new baby clothes.
Oh how little you will be, but then again
How little I am too. Yes the Lord does great things
& For me one of them is you.
So listen my dear child as I wait for you please know
That Mommy's praying for you daily 
& Far from my heart you'll never go.

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