June 23, 2013

Sunday & A Week in Review

I've gotten a lot of messages asking me some questions or feedback about special food diets since my last post & I really want to write about it, but I know it will most likely be long and detailed so that will be left for later in the week.


I love Sundays. Going to church, seeing friends, worshiping God... and then melting into the day. It carries a bit of a romantic notion in my heart that I hope is always there.


Maybe this post is bursts of random thoughts but that is sort of how I am feeling lately. 
So I'll randomly say this Lincoln will be here in 3 months or so... that is madness and not really real in my mind. Asher is going to be an amazing big brother I wholeheartedly believe. Yesterday while hanging with my brother in law and sister in law, who have twin 6 month old boys, Asher went back in forth between the two of them kissing each one for like ten minutes. The babies thought this was hilarious and were cracking up. He is full of kindness and spirit that little one of mine.


Asher & his hero Owen. Literally I think Asher thinks he is a super star. Owen even dressed Asher in a pair of his shorts. I couldn't believe Asher let him. Sometimes he doesn't even want me to dress him.

We shaved Asher's hair. I was a little nervous before doing it, but its summer & goodness I was wishing to shave my hair so right now I'm living through him ;) He looks super old now but I love it!

 I received my Sakura Bloom sling in the mail that I won on Instagram. 
Super excited. (27 weeks)

& Summer times are in full swing here. Asher is such a summer baby. His skin is turning brown and his courage is slowly building in the water. Makes me smile. 

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