June 25, 2013

Special Needs. Sevenly.

My husband has worked with children with Autism for over the last four years. I always have been extremely proud of him and felt connected to the world of special needs... but lately even more so.

I don't know what it is... I think it started when I wanted to change our diets & began really thinking about what we put into our bodies. I don't mean to preach here... that is not my intention. But eating real food really changed how my family & I felt and behaved. I believe sometimes changing a diet can help some people with certain disabilities. But that is neither here nor there right now. And I am learning the topic can be pretty controversial. 

But this post isn't about that... Although I do plan on writing more about specialty diets in the future. This post rather is about
Special Needs.


Yesterday I was on Facebook & clicked on a video someone posted.
Minutes later I was sobbing. Literally sobbing.
So be prepared. You may too.

I think there are so many heroes in the special need community. So much hope and love.
Truly it is beautiful.
And then this week coincidentaly I found this company on Instagram... 


 Every week they pick a cause and part of their sales go to helping it out. This week with every purchase one

gives a lifeline to expectant parents receiving a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome

Check it out & if you can make a purchase.
They have some serious cool designs.


  1. This is incredible. Thanks for sharing! Definitely checking this out :)