June 27, 2013

Oh Etsy... You Slay Me.

I'm all about Etsy.
Beautiful handmade or vintage products. Ugh I die.
Here is a list of a few beauties I found that I think are just lovely.

So I'm slowly admitting to myself I have a bit of a bag obsession. Dont tell my husband though because he bought me an amazing bag recently and i said i will never need another.... but i didnt say i would not admire another.

I found this one and my little boho heart fluttered.

For some reason these past few years I have been hiding a bit from my inner boho hippie self but you know what.... that truly is me. I feel most comfortable in that style. And I think it allows for a lot of fun.

Anyways... this bag. Oh this bag.

It comes from a shop called Arrows Design
She has amazingly beautiful handmade products. You need to check her out.


Vintage birds... need I say more.


Is it silly that I want this necklace to say mama on one side & lover on the other.
Maybe so, but I don't care ;)



this lovely ring.
I mean anything woodland already has me wanting it.



Any Arrested Development fans out there?



And a teepee. I can just see Asher and eventually Lincoln hanging out in here reading books and telling stories.
If I don't buy one in the future... I may just attempt to make one soon.


I could probably make this list go on forever...but I won't. Just a little glimpse into things I find lovely and shops I think you should check out :)

Also if I am kind of quiet in the upcoming week it is because the family and I are traveling down to good ole Alabama to stay on the lake and visit family. It will be the first time I meet my little nephew Silvan. We are very excited! Especially Asher & his cousin Isaac because we are riding a "choo choo" to get there.

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