June 18, 2013

Mama Snuggles

Asher has always wanted his momma. Really until he hit two everything was Mama, Mama, Mama. Probably because I nursed him until then. Now his Papa is a pretty big deal, but mama is still a general favorite too. The past two plus years Asher has been most of my life. Like I said I nursed him until he was two, and literally until he was 20 months old he still nursed every 3 to 4 hours (even through the night).

Now my little baby is growing so much day by day. The other day
for some reason I really saw it all happening at once.

-He started to say no thank you when he doesn't want something. and please and sorry without being prompted which made me smile.
-When he gets in trouble we put him in a secluded spot and tell him to pray to Jesus for a happy heart, and not to come talk to us until he has one and has stopped crying. This is something new we are trying out. Yesterday, for no reason he sat next to me and & just told me he had a happy heart. He wasn't in trouble or had been so it was really just a cute moment.
-In the middle of the night he woke up whiney... really he had to go pee (he is potty trained but at night still wears a diaper although he doesn't like to go in it) Josh took him potty & for some water... When he came back Asher seemed pretty awake. He snuggled up to me and asked to see Lincoln. I showed him my belly and he said "Lay with Lincoln... hugs and kisses." I tried to get him to move but he wanted to "be with Lincoln" and that is where he fell asleep.

So he is melting my heart in these last 3 months leading up to Lincoln's arrival. Yesterday he fell asleep in my arms for naptime which lately is something I don't necessarily want to do (being bigger) or encourage (since when Lincoln is here I won't be able to just hold him to sleep) .... but then again I have to take some of these moments while I can. Just me and him.

below is an outtake from a photo op for my dad on father's day.
he is so long and lanky just like I was :)

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