June 20, 2013

A Bit of a Mama Fail

Yesterday my little (big) boy got a new bed. 

Asher slept with us in our bed until he was two and then he transitioned to a crib in our room which lasted a good month or two. After that he started to not have enough space in his crib (he moves quite a bit) so we moved his crib mattress to the floor. That went on for another month or so.... then him & I went on a trip to Texas to visit my lovely family where we shared a bed. Once we got back he was back in our bed.

Part of me was happy. I love co sleeping. I never meant to co sleep. It just sort of happened naturally, and for me it was the perfect fit. BUT..... now Asher had a problem. He would wake up multiple times a nap whining and upset... sometimes inconsolably.
With a queen size bed and a growig belly it just wasnt working for me. We decided to change his diet to see if that would help.

We already try for the most part to be Gluten Free, Sugar Free & Preservative Free. (I will write more on that later in a future post.) But for Ash we wanted to try out casein free. Night one of the change he woke up once and easily went back to sleep. This hadn't happened in weeks. Night two he slept 11 hours straight. I can't tell you how long it had been since that happened. 

Time went by and call it pregnancy or laziness... yesterday at my inlaws my little guy saw some cheese in the fridge, and I just let him have it.
Good ole string cheese. 

Wellllll... this so happened to be the night that we would move him to his new bed. 
2:22 am he was up and screaming. Non stop. for a good while. He would calm down, just to get all worked up again. Now grant it the new bed could have played a part in it. He is still in our room though so he knew we are close by, but in my heart as I was praying I felt like it was what I feed him.

I felt really bad, but I knew there was a lesson to be learned.


I'm reading this bible plan called Parenting by Design. The other day the verse was Hebrews 12:11

11 For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

Special dieting with children is a discipline. It takes a lot of effort and determination sometimes... but if it is needed it truly does yield peace. I know that for my son to rest well I need to be disciplined in what I give him and not take the easy road out sometimes. 

So even though it was a bit of a tough night I'm thankful. Thankful for my passion about healthy living which the Lord is growing in me. 

I hope to write much more on the topic in the near future. 

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