September 26, 2012

New Season

I'm back and with a new name! It's been awhile so just to refresh you this blog used to be called The Not So Pharaoh Farrows, and now we are The Farrow's Nest! Now I want this blog to be about real life. I mean REAL life. I want a place that is just mine. A place to show the good, and the hard. I have a passion for natural living and I want to take yall along on the journey of that here. But to be honest I'm sort of just now trying to apply what I know to how I live... if you know what I mean.... so this truly is going to be a journey.

I also want a place to put pictures of my two loves, Joshua and Asher. And finally I want a place to talk about my relationship with the Lord. Right now, I feel a little dull. I need the word. I need to read it and love it. I need it re-awakened in my heart. Luckily for me God is anything but dull and I know this feeling will pass and He will be faithful to bring a new light to my heart. I feel like I'm on a road and about to turn a corner to a whole new adventure. I feel this so much in my bones I need to document it.

 About a week ago, I had a miscarriage. It was very early on, but it was a crazy ordeal. There was talk of an ectopic pregnancy. Luckily, it turned out not to be one and my body miscarried naturally. Through it all though I felt peace. Don't get me wrong. There was sadness and tears, but also joy in knowing God did create life in me again, and while that little one will never be held in my arms he or she will always be held in my heart.

This is the photo we used to announce to everyone we were pregnant, and I still kind of love it.... I mean Asher was and is a big brother. Even if I never get pregnant again. His heart already is so loving and helpful. He is so wonderful I can't say that enough.

So on a note..... prayer. I need some! Who wants to pray for me?! Ha, but seriously. Ugh one word: Money. So lame. But hey that's life, and God is one amazing provider. I guess to sum it up best just pray for speedy paperwork to go through to try to cover all the medical bills I have earned in these past few weeks with this whole season. I would appreciate it greatly.

On one final note.... I want to say thank you to all my friends and family. I am so blessed by the people in my life. Even people who I haven't officially meet but are my online friends. I am so grateful for you all. I'm not just saying that either. Thank you.

So here I am back in the blog world... ready for an adventure.