September 24, 2011

Who Am I?


Who is He?



Last night at the Burn Service at the Prayer Furnace I had some much needed refreshing of the heart with the Lord. Sometimes I feel like I'm just stuck & For some reason I find myself praying less, and reading the word less... and I know if I read I will feel encouraged, but for some reason or another I just don't. It sounds rather stupid actually haha. But then again we humans have a tendency of not doing things that are good for us sometimes. 

I have a job. A mission rather. 
(I really think I would make a great secret agent, and therefore like to use their lingo)
I am a Christian, a wife, and a mother. I need to exemplify the love of Christ.  Otherwise, I'm just putting on a mask and going through those motions which I DO NOT want to do. So back to that refreshing. I just feel good, light, no longer heavy ... I know that when I'm feeling down and ugly inside from just my lack of motivation...  I just need to pull myself up by the bootstraps (read the word, pray, sing and dance for Him) because He has already given me the tools to succeed. 

God's great. He really loves me.
I know this to be a fact.

This is an older picture of me a few years ago taken a few days after Josh proposed to me in Charlottesville, VA. I know its a nice face ;)

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