August 6, 2011

When Your Besties Move to Israel... (Photo Heavy)

True community is beautiful and Jasha & I truly yearn for more of it in our life. But, since moving to Virginia  we were blessed to have some that community with the Leonhard family.
(Gabriel the poppa, Briana the momma, and their three kiddos: Hana, Micah & Judah)

No matter what I knew we could count on them.
Once my car broke down and my husband was far away working and Gabriel came and saved the day (aka jump started my car)

It was super sad to see them leave, but we know they are following the voice of the Lord and in that we rejoice. We also got to have them stay at our house for their last few days in the states and then take them to the airport. Here are some pictures of our time spent together.

Me with Judah.

 Josh with Judah.

 Asher and Judah.

 All the kiddos.

Briana, Me, Asher and Hana.

and Josh with Gabriel.
We love them all so much and plan on visiting as soon as we can.
We are so blessed to know each of them.


Tomorrow we leave for family vacation!
Wish us luck because we are driving a 9+ hour trip with a 3 month old and my very pregnant sister in law.

I'll be sure to post pics.


  1. What a sweet post. Sweet friends. Blessings on their journey.

    PS - first time I've been since the new layout. I LIKE! :)

  2. Its so hard to see friends go, or be to be the friends that leave. Even when its a happy situation. I'm sorry your heart is heavy, but happy you have such good friends!

  3. We miss you so much! Thank you for the sweet post, love the pics! Can't wait till you can vacation here! We'll be keeping your spot warm.

    Shalom & Ahava (love) from Israel
    Gabriel Briana Hana Micah and Judah

  4. good luck! nine hours is long trip with a little one!