August 31, 2011

My Thoughts As of Late: The Truth.

Lord help me to be yours fully.
To be a mother who loves with your love.
A wife who loves with your love.
A woman who is a picture of Christ.


Sometimes I feel dark.
Sad. Unsure.
I argue with Josh. I feel extra tired. I get sick. Physically sick... no joke.

This is what happens when I become complacent.
Then I think....

Am I missing him (Asher James) grow up?
Am I at my computer too much?
Am I longing for things of this world.

yes. yes. yes.
Truth. Sometimes its just the truth. 

I waste so much time. Sometimes, so so so so so so much time.
He is smiling at me. I am checking Instagram.
He is growing up in front of me. I am distracted.

Here's my conviction this week.
& I say it simply for myself. (I do not mean to put this on anyone else)
Don't waste time. How precious are these days.

Asher James is only a babe once. He will only fit in my arms the way he did today for today. Tomorrow he will be a bit bigger. He will fit different. And then the next day he will fit even a little more different. & so on and so forth until he hardly fits. Josh and I are only in this stage once. New parents. Learning. Learning can be hard, but when following the Lord I truly believe it is beautiful even when it is tough.

So if Im quiet sometimes on my blog its because I'm trying to slow down... To not be distracted, and truthfully sometimes I blog for the wrong reasons. And then other times I blog because it can be an amazing outlet, and place to share my life, and remember these days & that is when its a good thing.

I want this to always be a good thing.


This post is inspired by my friend Mandy over at She Breathes Deeply ... One of the most honest and beautiful Mommas in the blogging world... in my opinon.


  1. actually...any mother who can't relate to this post 100% is lying to herself.

  2. I have totally found myself int he same place. Complacency never feels good. Sometimes just putting down the computer and letting the quiet moments happen is a good thing! Enjoy the time with little Asher!

  3. Yes! Definitely truth! Thanks for sharing this today:) ... I too want why I blog to be a good thing . A good thing in my life that glorifies God. Always.

  4. oh, I hear you so loud... I have the same issues... trying to slow down and be present for every moment with my son. "Sacrament of the present moment..."

  5. I used to think, maybe tomorrow I will spend more 'time' with Peyton, so on and so on.

    It is hard to relate to such a tiny little being.

    Just remember your emotions are CRAZY right now & a lot of it is from your hormones. Life will adjust and you will have a new normal.

    Hugs. Go enjoy your little boy.

  6. Im not a momma but I love reading yours and Mandy's blogs and how real you are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with your readers. Have a blessed day. <3

  7. Beautiful. I'm all for another Josh/Asher jam session my friends

  8. I loved that post of Mandy's, and this post of yours.

    And by the way, I've always wanted to name my future son Asher!

  9. Love this post...the Lord has been revealing this to my heart lately too. I was always distracted with my first child and I missed so much. This time around I told the Lord I wanted it to be different, I want to be the be the wife and mother the Lord has called me to be and I'm being kept accountable. Thank you for this post! It was a little reminder of what the Lord showed me earlier this week. :)