August 16, 2011

2 years.

Two years ago today I found my home in the eyes of a man who told me I do.
 and what a journey it has been.


One year later.



I love you Joshua James Farrow.
You are my great love.
My best friend. 
Words cannot express what you mean to me.

I praise God for this life I share with you.

Love your Ellie

Photo Credits:

Engagements: Anna Daniele
Marriage: Missy Martinez
1 years: Ashley Andreano
Maternity: Kaylah Rodriguez


  1. Happy anniversary! I love ALL of these photos.

  2. such awesome pictures! i wish i had more special photos of my husband and i. also, my second little boy was just born and his name is asher as well :)

  3. Happy Anniversary. you have a beautiful little family. ;-)

  4. Happy few days late anniversary :)

    Your family is so precious!

    I love those engagement shots... is the 2nd one on a plane? or what is that?

  5. you guys have such a beautiful relationship/marriage! so inspiring :)

    much love♥

  6. Love your pictures, they're gooooorgeous!