July 11, 2011

It's My Birthday... 22

(In one of my H&M purchases... read below. Channeling Rosie the Riveter.) 

I use to joke in highschool I would be married and have a little all before 22.
Well I never seriously thought that would happen, but it did and its all amazing (umm and a lot harder than I thought haha BUT still amazing!!!)

Anyways, my 21st year of life was super eventful...

July 11th 2010- Turned 21 
August 16th 2010- Celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary
September 17th, 2010- Found out we were expecting
December 2010- Graduated from college
January 2011- Moved to Virginia
February 2011- Bought my first car
May 7th 2011- Became a mother, gained a son 
June 2011- Moved into and bought our first home.

Now this year I'm looking forward to simply being still (as much as a Momma can) 
but what I mean is being still in life and listening to the Lord and growing with Him.

 For my birthday Joshua took me on a huge shopping spree to H&M. 
It was my first time going since they don't have any in the part of Texas I grew up in.
It was also the first time shopping since giving birth so I got a whole new wardrobe & felt like a princess. Joshua & Asher also scored a few items. Check out Asher's sweet shirt below.

I feel so blessed.
My life is in no means perfect, and it still can get messy, and hurt just as much as anyone elses
but I'm happy.

With me and my boys I feel like I have it all.
I can't wait to see what this year will bring.


  1. happy birthday! 22! wow... i feel old now :) haha!

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful lady!! :)

    much love,

  3. happy birthday! i can't imagine how fun it must be to be able to fit into a new silhouette of clothes. what does your husband do for work?

  4. Happy Birthday! Yes, you have had QUITE the year! :)

  5. Aw, happy birthday sweetie! It has been quite a year! I'm glad you've been able to share it with us!

  6. Oh happy birthday friend!
    You are the beautifulest mumma ever!
    And yes, motherhood and marriage is a lot harder than we expect, but isn't that feeling inside something that you NEVER imagined??
    I mean, sometimes i look at my man and my three babies and it hurts. That love is so deep that it actually just hurts.
    Your boy is divine! I love the photos on instagram, he's just gorgeous!
    You certainly have accomplished much and you should be proud!
    xx Stacey

  7. the PERFECT birthday gift :) :) your husband did well :) :)

  8. happy few days late birthday. im glad to see the ways God has blessed you and your sweet little family!