July 25, 2011

Excuse the Quietness

Hi everyone :)
Sorry I've been so quiet lately... my computer chord is broken & I am waiting for a new one.
Once it gets here I have a lot (A LOT) to show yall.
The house has come a long way & I am pretty proud I must say.
So hopefully in a few days it'll be here... until then here are a few pics of my Asher James.

& here he is watching the itunes visualizer :)
He loves it.

I can't wait to show yall around the house!
& If you could spare us a vote on Top Baby Blogs that would be great.


  1. :) he's such a chunk munk!!!! Love that second pic!

  2. He is gorgeous!
    Missing you on Instagram too....
    xx Stacey

  3. He is absolutely gorgeous. Did I mention that I am totally and completely in love with his name??

  4. Can't to see your cute house! And Asher just keeps getting more adorable!

  5. Love the pictures too cute!!! My name is Janelle I am a new follower of yours! I am new to this whole blogging thing! I hope you check out my blog and if you like it follow!!

  6. CAYUTE. :-) Love your posts.

  7. I can't wait to see the house!
    I love seeing how people personalize their spaces and make it their own. It's one of my favorite things to do :)

    -Morgan (Born of the Sea) <---my little blog

  8. Oh my gosh, your baby boy is so ridiculously cute! I love that staring picture...my baby does that too and it's so adorable <3

  9. hi darling,
    thank you for responding to the free advertising on my blog. i am just adding your button on now :)

    Keri-Anne xx

  10. Oh man, Elisa, your little man is so adorable. That first picture is priceless.

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