July 18, 2011

The Doom Feeling

I tend to be dramatic.
Call it my fiesty Hispanic half, but it's true.
So leading up to the fourth of July weekend I kept telling my husband I felt this "Doom" feeling. Well to put it in a less dramatic term you could say it was an anxious feeling, but I'll stick to doom.
Then the fourth came & a series of unfortunate events happened.

My aunt got bit by a scorpion multiple times, 
A friend of ours got in car wreck,
My other aunts got stuck in Europe trying to get to my sister's wedding (they did just in time),
My mom's dog cut her face open,
My brother in law got his lip busted, 
and for us...
well I semi fell through the wall in our shower, and 
a tree branch fell and almost hit our house.

Ha, fortunately... none of these were tragic and everything is all and well.

As for the shower (which is our only one by the by)
I was shaving my legs gearing up for being outside on the 4th, and I leaned against the wall and then 
I felt my back go into it... the wall... and my backside and all these tiles and nasty fell on me. I got scraped up a bit and gave Josh a startle shouting his name, but its okay. At least we had just taken Asher out of the shower (he had been in his little tub in there with me) so he wasn't in the cross fire.
Here is how it looked after we cleaned it up some....
And this was the tree branch the fell....

And this well this is the reason all we can do is smile about these things and move on :)


  1. aw I love the positive spin you put on doomsday :).


  2. Man, we had a series of bizarro stuff occur recently too. Full moon? I'm hoping we're in the clear for a while!

  3. oh gosh! i am glad everyone is ok.
    p.s Asher is such a sweetie x

  4. Wow, that's quite the series of events! I'm glad nothing was truly tragic.

  5. I just love how you make the silver lining in every day life so visible! A beautiful baby although I am probably biased.

  6. mhmm something is definitely in the air...weird things seem to be happening everywhere recently! Fortunately for you, nothing too too horrendous! Asher is beautiful, as always :)

  7. Oh wow... my husband gets the same way, the "bad feelings".... That is so crazy! I am so glad nothing was truly tragic and that everyone is okay <3 I'm sure you laughed about the shower story later. Thank God baby A was outta the crossfire :)

  8. I am so glad everyone is okay. Maybe all the bad stuff happened over one weekend so now you should be okay for a while (knock on wood). It is crazy sometimes how we have that intuitive feeling. I am not a mamma but I am sure it kicks in even more when you have a little one. Hope all is well. Stay safe!

    -Morgan (Born of the Sea)
    Born of the Sea

  9. That's crazy! I'm glad everyone is okay too! P.S. We so have the same shower curtain! Don't you just love it?! :) I hope your shower gets fixed soon!

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