June 14, 2011

A Prayer Request & Truth

Being a mom is hard.
It's the best and most hard thing I have ever done.

Asher James is everything perfect to me & yet he knows how to drain me like no other. He isn't the longest sleeper so I wake up a lot during the night, and I sleep on towels because my milk has not yet regulated and feeding him is like a mini shower for both of us. & Then all my clothes either 1) don't fit anymore because of my chest or 2) covered in breast milk. And with all that said... I say to my husband being a mom is hard.

Sure. That sounds legit.
And then I get a bit of a reality check.

Yesterday I went over to my blog friend (friend I met through blogging) Mindy's blog:

I remembered the other day reading on her Facebook page that they were finding out if their little one was a boy or girl & then not hearing anything about it. And then yesterday I had a bit of time to catch up on reading blogs and read her post called:

Her and her husband went in to find out the sex of their baby (which they did a little precious boy)... but also found out that he is not developing as he should be. You can read more about the details over on her blog & I would encourage you to do so. Their hearts in this situation are incredible & I don't use that word lightly. They are choosing to see the good in this situation & follow God in it completely.

I was torn apart when I read her post.
I just couldn't get it out of my head. Every time Asher James woke up last night I thought of Mindy and her sweet family, and prayed for them.  Yes, Asher James screamed, and milk sprayed everywhere and I thought ...  being a mom is hard, but I know this is not the hard part. 

The hard part is the being brave even when you're scared. It's that feeling of wishing you could trade places with your child just so you can go through the painful parts.  & I've only experienced a little ounce of this when Asher had to go back to the hospital for his Jaundice and continually get his blood taken for a few weeks. 

So I realized today venting is okay, but complaining is not...
Because I have nothing to really complain about. 

Many of you have been amazing and prayed for me during different times so I'm asking to please pray for Mindy, her husband Daniel & their precious son. I believe in miracles & the healing powers of Christ. I also believe in God having a purpose in everything. His will...will be done, and in that there is peace.

& I want to say thank you Mindy for being so open, honest, and inspiring.
You're an amazing Momma. 
You really are.



  1. I will definitley pray for mindy! Thankyou for sharing that! I will also lift you up in prayer. I remember what it was like to be so tired with levi and just wishing he would sleep longer then twenty minutes. It will come...he is now 12 months and a very good sleeper! p.s I am new to blogging and would love it if you would check out my blog and subscribe! I would also love it....if you would feature my blog! I would also appreciate you letting me know of some great christian mom bloggers to follow/ I found yours just by accident! But i am glad I did

  2. beautiful post! The Colemans are in my prayers♥

  3. i have said a little prayer.
    My husband was born with excessive water on the brain called hydrocephalis and was given days to live. And here he is. a fighter! both my girls had a chance of having it also but we thank our stars that they were both ok.
    I just know that that little boy will be a fighter too x

  4. Praying for them, for sure, but also praying for you too. We all have our crosses to bear, but with God we can overcome anything.

  5. I will say a prayer for them!

    I am just as you are with the parenting is hard thing but taking for granted that my children are healthy.

  6. I love Mindy and her blog! Definitely in my prayers as well as you and your cute family! God bless! :)

  7. The Coleman's are in my prayers... And so are you, my friend. Being a mom is the HARDEST job in the world. There were countless times during the first few weeks I thought I would break under the pressure of it all. It is the most stretching experience ever. But, God reminded me that he wouldn't have given me the honor of being Lily's mama if I couldn't handle it. I may be stretched thinner than I ever have been in my life... but I will not snap because the Lord gives me the strength I need. As moms we have so much more strength than we ever could have ever imagined when we lean on God's grace and strength. The Lord has equipped you to be Asher's mama. You have such a gift. I promise it does start to get easier as the weeks go on. Or maybe it doesn't get easier, but you start to get the hang of it more and more. I was so discouraged and sleep deprived the first few weeks I thought it would be the end of me... But now I am finding myself looking at my baby and feeling like my heart will burst if I fall any deeper in lover with her. I cannot imagine life without her now.

    Praying for you! You are an amazing woman, and mama. You should be so proud of yourself! You brought a little life that will last forever into this world.


  8. The Coleman's have been in my prayers also. Thank you for sharing for them!

    Being a Mom is such an amazing job. I think that the first few months it does feel so tough -- but we need to look for the JOY in it -- because God has put it there for us to find. (not that you don't). It is still a huge stretch of your patience and capacity; but God can and will be there with you and for you -- and I know you know that. (: You are amazing and have such a sweet, sweet, precious little boy.
    Love ya! Praying for your amazing family.
    If you ever need any support or help, go ahead and message me!


  9. What a beautiful post. I know exactly what you mean. I will also be praying for your friends. So scary and sad.