June 6, 2011

The Birth Story

Well bloggers this is me officially saying I'm back to blogging :)
And what better way to start than with my birth story.
Josh & I are so in love with our little guy, and I cannot believe a whole month has already passed.
(This picture was from this week at house church... going with Asher for the first time)

 & here it is
The Birth Story

One month ago (tomorrow)....

I had been telling people I wanted Asher to be born May 7th for awhile.
Why? It's kind of silly, but my birthday is July 11th or 7/11 and May 7th, 2011 is 5/7/11... and I thought that was cute. Anyways, that day there was a wedding, which based off the pictures looked beautiful, but all I did was drop off a gift and then leave. You see Jasha was off to work and was to met me and his sister at the wedding. I work up feeling huge (as per usual) but also feeling pretty bad back pain. Well, I tend to always down play physical things so I shrugged it off as no big deal. On the drive to the wedding with my sister-in-law Ali I started to notice the back pain intensify. I wondered out loud if this was early labor, I wondered in silence why my legs were hurting so bad.

When we got to the wedding I saw my Jasha and felt more calm. I thought I can make it through this wedding. I bet I'm just in early labor. Josh went to the restroom to change into nicer clothes for the wedding. I went to drop off the gift. I told a few ladies on the way I thought I might be in labor, and they prayed for me. Those prayers were most certainly needed for later on.

The next thing that happened was 
1) I saw Josh all dressed cute
& 2) then I started to feel some leakage.
It wasn't my water breaking. I was pretty confident of that, but it was something, and my back pain was getting much worse. I told Josh we had to go, because "I think I might be in labor." I refused to accept I really was though. The whole way home (the church was about 30 mins away) I kept saying "This might be labor." Josh was confident though, and getting more and more excited.
He called up my doctor who said it all sounded like labor, and asked how far my contractions were apart. Josh looked at me. I hadn't been counting... after all to me this might not be labor, and I didn't think all my contractions would be in my back.

We decided to first stop at home to grab my bag, and other things. Right before getting there I said "I don't think I'm counting these contractions right, because if so they are really close." Well in reality they actually were that close. Upon getting to the hospital I couldn't keep my teeth from chattering. My body felt in shock. Turns out not only were my contractions already a minute and a half apart (oops my bad)... I also had an unknown fever & Asher's heart rate was high. There was talk of having to have a C section if the fever wouldn't go away. (Ummm freak me out a little).

Now my plan was to always have a natural birth, but these contractions came on fast and hard, and the whole time it was back labor. I started talking of an epidural. Josh looked at me sweetly and said, "I know you can do this." I was convinced I couldn't. I was already 4 cm when arriving, and I continued to dilate quickly all the while my contractions got worse and worse. I requested an epidural, but you know what? I was denied. Yes, denied. I cried. Because they never found out why I had a fever (it had left) they didn't feel comfortable giving me one for risk of infection. I told my doctor and nurse I could not do this. My doctor, who was wonderful, just encouraged me... I didn't feel encouraged though.

About this time there was a shift change, and I got a new nurse. Thank God! My new nurse was wonderful because she took no pity on me, and that was exactly what I needed. If I complained, she didn't console me she just did her job, and told me when to push (which she would make to wait to absolute worst part of the contraction.) But for me I need someone like that because I can be a bit stubborn. My husband was wonderful. He encouraged me, and counted for me, and looked amazed the whole time. Goodness, I love him.

My delivery was comical in my mind, because I was acting so crazy. Me who has always had a really high pain tolerance would in between contractions try to talk my way out of doing it. It would go like this...

Me: "Guys I really can't do this. You don't understand. I'm not being a baby. I just can't."
My doctor: "You're doing this. You're a great pusher. Your body is doing all the work."

Me- thinking to myself- maybe if I talk more calm they will listen. Readjust my voice.- "I really can't do this. Really guys... Are you listening."
Ha. It really was funny looking back.

One hour of pushing later... My beautiful son Asher James All 9 lbs. 7 oz and 21 inches of him... Yes my big baby. I had a second degree tear, and a lot of stitches but my goodness he was worth every second.

The moment he came everything changed. We changed.
We have gotten so much revelation from God just by loving him.
We have discovered a whole new way to love, and also fallen more in love with each other.

Asher James is a gift, and we are so blessed.

Also I praise God I got the natural birth I always wanted. I know I can do anything now.
 Thank you Lord for strength.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaw! Your son is absolutely adorable! This is late, but mega awesome congrats!! :D :D xxx

  2. Wow! over 9 pounds and pushing for an hour without an epidural?! My goodness, girl, nice work! lol... I went without an apidural with a 7 pounder, only pushing for about six minutes -- and I thought that was tough! :-) He is beautiful.

  3. I love birth stories. Congratulations on staying strong even though that must have been ridiculously difficult in the moment. You have such a beautiful baby boy to show for all your hard work. And I cannot believe it's already been a month! Smother him with hugs and kisses. Always praying for your little family. =]


  4. Your birth story sounds like my first. I wanted a natural birth, but I was going so quick. I told them I wanted the epidural & they said I didn't have enough time. I pushed for an hour & 40 minutes & kept screaming that I couldn't do it & to just suck her out. It's comical looking back. I got an epidural with Morgan (pitocin sucks & I was moving slow..I only pushed 20 minutes & couldn't feel ANYTHING, but my back hurt for 2 months from the epidural and I got the hives).

    Beautiful birth story, and baby!

  5. What a beautiful birth story! And you look gorgeous in those pictures even though you just had a natural birth! Congratulations again! He is such a beautiful little boy :)

  6. aww!! that's amazing! such a wonderful story!
    God bless you!

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  8. Birth stories like this always make me nervous... I worry that I will change my mind about drugs at the 11th hour. Haha. Congrats though! He is gorgeous!

  9. What a great story! I am so glad that you got to have him all naturally. Mine was totally messed up! I don't know if you read mine but I ended up with a c-section. Here's a link to mine if you are interested in reading!

    Our babies are only 3 days apart in age :)


    Welcome back!!

  10. so glad you did it natural like you wanted to! and guess what, each birth gets easier. i've had five naturally and the pushing part definitely goes faster with each one. (i have big babies too! - my fifth was 9 lbs 14 oz). you did great!!! and he's so cute, too. :) lora

  11. Thank you for sharing your story! Asher's hair is incredible, I love it. Congratulations! You did it :)

  12. Motherhood is a gift like no other. I wasn't convinced I would get the natural birth I desired until after my son was born, I'm still so thankful!

    little boys are such jewels. Congratulations!

  13. what an awesome story! and you look absolutely gorgeous right after birth! hope i have some of those same results one day. :) asher is adorable!

  14. oh so precious! congratulations to you :) enjoy your little bundle of joy! they grow so quickly :) many blessings!

  15. I loved reading this sweet story! So glad that everything worked out wonderfully. Your nurse sounded like a Godsend! He is just beautiful!

  16. Thank you for sharing this. I love reading birth stories. :) I have a back issue and DK if I will ever be able to have a natural birth, or even carry full term regardless, but I love reading what it is like to do so <3 Congratulations and many blessings!