May 15, 2011

The Long First Week

Having Asher James here is A-maaazing.
Jasha & I are so over the moon in love it is unreal. We also have discovered a whole new love for each other and have had new revelation of the Father's love.

It's altogether beautiful.

(First bath)

I apologize I have been so quiet on here.
Being a momma is tough stuff... especially when your baby's jaundice levels keep going up everyday despite having a take home blanket to help, and then having to get his blood taking everyday as well to check his levels. On top of that add a doctor who insists we stop breastfeeding for a bit, and makes me feel like if we don't Asher won't get better. (Later this will lead to nipple confusion which will cause much stress, but finally get resolved)-

 Sidenote: We ended up sticking to our guns for the most part and pumped while at the hospital, but had to use bottles to make sure he was getting the volume he needed. That's what lead to the confusion...but he is all over that now. Breast is best when possible. :) In my opinion at least.

Then add having to be readmitted to the hospital because his levels are now getting way to high.... (very scary... at least I was tremendously so).
FORTUNATELY... Asher was only in the hospital for one day and we celebrated his one week of life there. Now he is home and doing so much better... allbeit still a bit yellow, but I like to call it tan. (The rest should go away in due time)

At the hospital (round 2)

 & a progression of faces

We also had some bad news about the house. We got denied on our loan one day before closing because of some small tiny technicality. Again fortunately we got it all worked out and will be closing in less than 3 weeks (if the Lord wills) which turned out to be so perfect because the day we would have closed was the day Asher had to go back to the hospital.

Oh vei.
So there it all is.
I still plan on having my birth story up soon... and guest blog posts.
I just wanted to update everyone first.
Thanks again for all your congrats. I am in love with my little family.

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  1. Congratulations on Asher's arrival! He's so beautiful! And look at all that hair! :) I'm praying for your new little family. X

  2. YAY for handsome Baby Asher!!!! And so true what you said about "new revelation about Father's Love"

  3. aw love i know all about jaundice, bleh! and both my babies bc they were in the NICU for 3/4 weeks wound up only letting me pump....girl, i feel here if you need me love!

  4. :). I thought he looked quite tan and that head of hair on his hair is amazing! From my point of view Asher is attractive and blessed to have amazing parents! Glad to hear the birth went smooth and that he is being taken care of. This shall pass LORD WILLING and you will be on to enjoying the journey of motherhood :).


  5. my doctor and midwife both said breastfeeding HELPS jaundice, so its weird that your doc says to stop. Get a 2nd opinion!!

    He's very cute! Love the hair

  6. He is just adorable, you both must be over the moon. It is hard at first but seeing there cute little faces makes it all ok does'nt it :)


  7. i hope he gets better soon and congrats on the house xx

  8. Congrats! It sounds like you are handling everything in stride. I hope the house pans out for you!

  9. Oh my goodness! Congratulations on your beautiful, beautiful baby boy. What a gorgeous head of hair!

  10. So glad to hear that he is ok and you are all doing well.
    He is so beautiful!

  11. Congratulations! Look at all that hair, he's so cute. Glad he is back home. Good luck with everything! :)

  12. ohmygoodness. all that hair! he is precious :) Congratulations again on your new sweet family. And Amen to God's timing. <3

  13. I haven't been around lately, but I was sooo happy to see this beautiful face today! Congratulations lady!!! So excited for you. <33