April 26, 2011

The Ultrasound... 36 Weeks & Annie

 (Taken by Annie... read on)

First off my ultrasound went really well, but I had to wait till Monday to go over the results because I got it done at a separate facility & every time I asked the tech a question she said "I can't really tell you that it has to be reviewed first." Anyways, its so funny how BIG that baby gets from 20 to 36 weeks. Back then we could see his whole body on the screen and now its just one part at a time.

Well it's no surprise my Asher is a big boy... measuring approximately 8 pounds already. (Josh & I were both really big babies) & I am actually measuring around 38 weeks but they stick with the original due date all the same. Basically he can come from any time now to a few weeks. I told him he has to stay in until after this Saturday because I will be having my Virginia baby shower! And I'm pretty excited.

This week a good friend of mine named Kaylah did our maternity shoot and I think the pictures will be all edited by the end of the week. I am realllllly excited to see them!!! We had a lot of fun taking them. Kaylah is really awesome and has a natural eye for beauty... she also rocks a paintbrush. This week I will take a picture of a recent painting we purchased from her because it's amazing.

Before those, though, my good friend Annie (who goes by Anna too), who is an AMAZING photographer, had a concept idea for a picture which she asked me to pose for. Of course I said yes, not only is she seriously...seriously talented, but she is a dear friend to my heart. (She is the one who took our engagement photos which make up my current header and blog buttons).

I almost hated adding my "36 weeks" to this picture because it is so lovely, but I am running out of week... so here is her concept piece with my added text (I like it much better without it though) & to  clarify for my Momma, because she asked, I was wearing a skirt and tank top :) This is my first and probably only really "belly" picture... which is special to me because I want to remember my belly as it is in the moment of life.

To see more of her work go to her.... (click below)
 1. SITE

She also took this shot which I loved because of the sky:

So thanks Annie, you are awesome & I can't wait till you visit again!


  1. i cant believe its so close to you having your baby! those pictures are just stunning, they are really beautiful keepsake's.
    Take care.

    Zoe xx

  2. The Pictures are so pretty! I totaly love your blog and I think it is so Awsome that you are going to have Asher soon!

    Check out my blog! sewbea.blogspot.com

  3. I have always loved the picture in your header! The new one of you behind the tree is really beautiful. And they sky picture is amazing also. She is very talented.
    I also can't believe Asher will be here soon.
    Good Luck!

  4. i love your belly picture!!!
    its beautiful!!

    God Bless!

  5. So cute, I love the belly behind the tree. Very original!! Asher is a big boy!!

  6. i LOVE that belly picture. it's so....organic and raw, just like birth. i think that's a good word for it. :)

  7. These are so beautiful! I can't wait to see more! You are so beautiful little mamma!

  8. those are such beautiful pictures & you will cherish them forever! i am so excited to see photos of your sweet baby boy!

  9. What beautiful pictures. Ah, how I love creativity. :) Simply stunning. My photographer that just shot my wedding last weekend is so creative as well. You can really tell a story with all her photo's. LOVE work like there. Where you feel like you are right there with the subjects. <3

  10. such precious moments to have captured on film, I love the second one especially. bellies brimming with babies have to be the most beautiful! blessings and good health to you in the week ahead xx

  11. beautiful belly!!! reminds me of eve after the fall and being pregnant. So beautiful.


  12. I love the far-off shot... As you mentioned, the sky is totally amazing! You're looking beautiful, lady.


    All This Grace and Charm

  13. Beautiful pictures!

  14. I've always loved the header image! New roads around the tree is really nice. And gave the sky is amazing, too. It 'a lot of talent.

    I do not think Asher will be here soon.