April 29, 2011

So Sew

 First off thank you to everyone who has prayed for me during this time in my pregnancy. Last night sleeping wasn't even that terrible :) And that is saying a lot!
So here are a few of my latest accomplishments on the sewing machine.
Grant it they are pretty simple, but I mean you got to start somewhere, am I right?

First up is a easy to assemble nursing cover.
I actually found the pattern for free: HERE

Second is a reversible shopping cart cover (I bought the pattern for this one at the store)

 Josh & my sister in law Ali both think it looks like a big diaper and have fashioned it as such. Ha, but I plan on using it when Asher is old enough to sit in a cart at the grocery store. So it will probably be a long while before I use this one with Asher but I think it is pretty great. I used fleece so it would be super comfy and I am really liking the Navajo print.
Well tomorrow is my second baby shower!! I will be sure to post lots of photos...
Also my maternity photos should be finished being edited soon... I can't wait to see them & share!

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  1. Those are great :) I am so impressed by anyone using her sewing machine. i have great dreams of using mine.... but not much progress yet.

    Actually, you can use that shopping cart cover earlier than he can sit up... you can just lay him in it while you shop. :) He might even sleep.

  2. Those are so cute! When we have kids, I plan on doing similar sewing projects. You look adorable, and the countdown has begun to meet sweet Asher! Hope you are resting better :)

  3. Love the cart cover!! What a great idea:)

  4. They are great, go you :) I think the cart cover is so good a fab idea

    Zoe x

  5. Thank you all so much :) I must admit I felt pretty accomplished!