April 21, 2011

La Di Da... Life & Revelation

When I shave my legs now I feel very accomplished. Ha.

Tomorrow is my ultrasound, bright and early. I get so excited about ultrasounds... like Christmas excited.
Anybody else?

Well for anyone who prayed about our housing situation I am pretty confident that lil hiccup in the process has passed! Praise God!

So this week the Lord has done a lot in my walk... it's been semi intense in my heart. I guess about Tuesday I called Jasha in tears. I pretty much told him that although I have found myself growing closer to the Lord I also see the sins in my life seemingly growing. I was frustrated, angry and even scared. My "Momma-ness" started coming out full blast as I ranted about how I didn't want my sins to be taught to my baby boy. Jasha got really happy though as I was talking to him. He told me that it is a blessing to have awareness of one's wickedness, and that when we try to become more like Christ we usually are more aware of our flesh. He also said that although I have been walking with the Lord longer than him he was sometimes concerned that my relationship with the Lord was segmented. As soon as he said that I knew it was true... but now as I am actively trying to make my relationship with God my TOP priority... I am realizing really how disjointed I was before. Almost like a split personality... there was the good and loving side of me that loved God greatly, and then there was the lazy, worldly side of me who put God on the back-burner. Now I'm not saying everything is peaches and roses currently... but I know the Lord is giving me this revelation so that I may have hope to continue on my quest be His fully.

As Romans 7:18 says
 For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh. For I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out.

He is the only one who will help us. We simply cannot do it on our own... 
I am trying to really understand that. 

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  1. So glad the house stuff is back on track!

    And I have had a lot of those same things happen to me in regard to the Lord. As I have get closer to Him, more of the nasty side of me is revealed in His light. It is wonderful and aweful at the same time. I pray we both have hearts that are wholly after Him!

  2. Oh girl I can relate to this so very much. I'm so happy you shared! Also I'm obsessed with ultra sounds hehe:), happyEaster friend!

  3. Thank you for posting something I can relate to. I think we can all relate actually. But God woos us to himself. Go to my most recent post www.myriahmae.blogspot.com, I posted some verses from Hosea that really spoke to me. Thanks for sharing whats on your heart with us.

  4. whew this is good. Thanks for sharing...I love your blog!

  5. You are amazing for sharing this! Thanks for being so raw.
    And hooray about the house situation! :)

  6. Oh I love it!!
    I love that no matter where we are in the world, all of His daughters are doing a similar journey!
    More of Him and less of me...
    xx Stacey

  7. I just found your blog the other day via topbabyblogs (not the point of the comment) and I love it. I think it is so easy to put God on the backburner and go about our day to day life, when really we should have him front and center of all that we do. Thank you for reminding me to put him up front.

  8. thanks for the information on this blog! I find it very interesting and entertaining! hopefully soon have updates that I love your post! I thank you too!

  9. I enjoyed your entries on Toxic Words - such great thoughts and a wonderful reminder to watch the words I use - to be positive and kind and use words to build up rather than tear down. :)