April 12, 2011

2 Posts: The Home Stretch & Jasha's Birthday!

 This part of the post was meant to be up a few days ago:
So here is my "34" Week update... although everyone is pretty positive I'm already 35 or even up to 36 and 1/2 weeks pregnant (including my doctor). I should know more this Friday at my next appointment. All the same I'm sticking to my old week to week for consistency's sake.

So this past weekend has been rough. Indeed.
I had to go into the doctor last Friday. Basically, the preceding nights I had woken up in the middle of the night with my back aching so bad... I mean SO BAD. If Josh barely touched it I would cry. Turns out it was my kidneys. I am currently being treating for a UTI, and I'm praying that is all it is. The other theory is.... kidney stone. Yikes. Since my acid reflux has been so bad I have gone a little crazy, some might say excessive with the Tums taking. Well Tums have calcium and too much calcium can mean kidney stones.

Oh vey.
My comfort is in the Lord though. Jasha read to me many verses on suffering as I experienced terrible acid reflux last night. You see Tums has literally been the only thing that has worked for me, but I have had to stop just in case. Although today I am going to get some apple cider vinegar as advised by my friend... so maybe that will help.

But it's all okay because I really feel like I'm in the home stretch. 
Still, it's odd not knowing if I am anywhere from 35 to almost 37 weeks though, but I feel Asher is coming soon, and that makes me smile.

This also makes me smile. I woke up today and Jasha looked so precious holding his hands over his heart. He has a beautiful heart.

& This post is for today: 

It's Jasha's 26th Birthday!!!
We already celebrated this past weekend because he works a lot today, but still...
It's his third birthday that I have known him.
Right after we met he turned 24. It was his first birthday as a Christian... and it fell on Easter. :)
So his birthday always makes me think of the beginning of us.

What can I say about Joshua James Farrow?

He is my dream.
He leads me to Jesus. He teaches me.
He holds me.
He's handsome as can be.

I remember when we first liked each other I asked him 
"Will you be my best friend forever?" and 
he was silent for a minute. I got nervous. Did I say too much?
I knew he was the one, but I wasn't sure if he did.
But then he said... very seriously..."Yes. I will."
He said he knew then he was in love.

I found this poem I wrote for him right after we met. When we lived states apart, and weren't even boyfriend and girlfriend yet.
We have grown so much. I am so proud of him, and can't wait to see him hold Asher.
He is an amazing husband.
I know he will be an amazing Daddy.

So Happy Birthday Jasha! 
I am blessed to be your wife, and Ellie.

There Was A You and Me:

Vessels fade, grow weary & old
Hands stretch, wrinkles age... Its all part of life, to live, to strive, to know.
I wasn't looking, but I ran into your arms.
I wasnt looking, I found no fool, no tricks or charm..
There is a forest, I call it home...
It lies on both sides of your perfect little nose.
Eyes of mine, I hold them tight..
Patient days, with a noble fight..&
In the west, I stand, and sing to our great Love
Who sent you ...me, a perfect plan painted from the abyss above...
& As I kiss the stars, I see the moon & dream
Forever His, A lifetime yours.. there was a you and me.

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  1. You are so lovely! Happy Birthday to your husband!

  2. 3 things:
    happy birthday hubby!
    you look great!
    and i need those boots in my life.

  3. you are so SO beautiful lady. ;)

  4. i had the same thing happen to me at about 36 weeks!! praying it is just a uti!

  5. I know I say this every post but you are so freaking adorable!

    Also one of my friends just had a little girl and a few weeks before she was born thought she had a UTI and it turned out to be kidney stones. She was in a ton of pain so I really hope that it isnt what you have! But either way she now has a perfect little girl and no more kidney stones so it will pass either way! Ill keep you in my thoughts!

  6. This is so beautiful. Every single part almost made my cry. You guys are such a beautiful example of a young couple who are following Christ. His love just shines through you! I am saddened to hear of your kidney stones, but I know that God is faithful and will continue to bless.

    I know you are excited to see little Asher! I pray these next few weeks are a breeze for you!

  7. Oh and happy birthday to your man. I knew he loved me when my man said this to me under the stars one night, "so how much longer do you think you can put up with me?" Pause on my part, like you...not sure if I was going to say to much...and then he said "because I was hoping forever." :)

    The poem was incredibly sweet!

  8. use papaya enzymes instead of tums! much better during pregnancy and does the trick. you can get them at a natural food store (i.e whole foods)

  9. You're so close! And HUGE! :) But very beautiful!! :)

  10. Your tummy is so cute! Happy b-day to your hubs. :)

  11. so I had a girl moment when you wrote about asking him if you could be best friends forever and he paused and said very seriously. "YES. i will." SOOOO precious. I know that God has His perfect timing and while you were thinking you said too much God was saying you said JUST ENOUGH and RIGHT ON TIME MY CHILD. I love our saviour. And I can only pray to find a man willing to not only PUT UP WITH ME FOREVER but also be my BEST FRIEND FOREVER. tee hee hee. That was me being girly :).


  12. I cannot believe it's almost time for your little one to be here! So exciting! And happy birthday to your husband! You two are so sweet together :).


  13. I love the poem! You're so talented Elisa! Can't wait for Asher to be here :) You're going to love being a mom!