March 13, 2011

A Woodland Baby Shower & 30 Weeks. *Photo Heavy*

I am in Texas and having a great time with my family & friends.
Here are some pictures from my wonderful Woodland baby shower put together by my big sister Elena, and my accountability partner "AP" Alicia. 

a banner my big sister made

the adorable invites.

30 Weeks. 10 (more or less to go)

the wonderful spread of food.

A tree shelf my Daddy made for Asher & "mushroom" cupcakes

the loot.

Stuffed friends my big sister got my wonderful sister-in-law to make for Asher.

*Some are based off of others Etsy designs and are not for resale, 
but the deer she came up with & I am sure she would be willing to do custom orders.
She can make practically anything.*

She stitched Asher's name on each one of them.

Woodland friends

cutest clothes & burp cloths.

Can't wait for my little man.

Reading books. Everyone was asked to bring a book for Asher.

My friend Ashley due probably sometime this week.
C'mon Eli your Mommy wants to see you.

My sisters <3

The gang... minus some family. Thanks to everyone who came. I felt so blessed!

I was so overjoyed by my shower, and seeing so many dear friends!

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  1. Aw, that's so exciting. You're making me miss my baby shower days :-)

  2. What a lovely shower!!! Everything looks great, and I love those personalized stuffed animals! I loved my baby showers (I was blessed to have two). It's a great feeling knowing you AND your baby are so very loved!

  3. Looks like you had a great time! We know someone who had a woodland-themed baby shower, too, and I think it's such a cute idea. Those mushrooom cupcakes are awesome! :)

    And that's so great that everyone bought a book for Asher. I'm not even close to getting married and starting a family, but I'm already collecting children's books for the future. (Plus, I'm a little obsessed with children's literature myself. :)


  4. Yay I made your post! :) It was great seeing you and I am so excited for you, Josh and Asher. He is so blessed! Good luck with everything! Next time your in town, we need to set up something because both our boys will be here!

  5. How sweet! That cupcake tree is so adorable! I love that theme. I will have to keep it in mind for the next time I throw a shower. It's not very often that you see such an adorable boy shower. I know you are so excited to see your little boy! I hope your last few weeks are blessed little momma!

  6. What a cute baby shower! I absolutely love your outfit!

  7. What a precious shower. The woodland theme is just perfect! You looked beautiful!

  8. What an adorable shower, I love the theme so much!
    And your outfit is so pretty :)

  9. how fun! they did a great job.

    Can I just say

    1. your belly is so flippin cute
    2. LOVE your outfit <3 your look beautiful!

  10. Loved the theme for you shower! So many sweet things! I love the grass letters and the tree shelf and of course the handmade animals!
    You and your sisters looks so much alike!
    Looks like a wonderful shower!

  11. aw i had a woodland baby shower also!
    we had little woodland animals and ah...makes me miss
    the baby shower days ;)

    cute pictures!

  12. super adorable baby shower!! your little guy is so loved :]


  13. what a splendid baby shower you had! i bet you are so excited to see your little man. i know i could barely contain myself waiting for henry and ezra. not twins, just so you know :) you look so very beautiful, and you have the most lovely pregnant glow about you.

  14. Love the baby shower theme, so precious! Also, your sweet baby belly is so adorable!

  15. I love the name Asher. I know im young.. (16). But I have wanted to name my future baby Asher! LOVE that name!! hoping that everything is going well!!.

    New follower