March 1, 2011

The Third Trimester

Wait it's March? And my third trimester?
Wow :)

First off I want to thank you all for the comments on my last post.
I love being inspired by others walking with Christ. I'm glad so many of you already knew about Katie's blog.
She is amazing.

Second where does all the time go? I cannot believe my little Asher dear will be here in (hopefully) less than 12 weeks. I am overjoyed to meet him... officially.

I'm also really excited because on March 10th I am going back to Texas for my Texas baby shower on the 12th. I'm pumped to say the least.
I can't wait to see my family, and friends, and that grand ole Texas sky.

I seriously feel like everyday I must be bigger.. its insane.

Also today I was featured over at 
which is an awesome blog and yall should def check it out :)

Well that's all for today.
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Thanks so much


  1. Oh my! What a cuuute belly! I miss mine sometimes. Now all I've got left is a little extra squish... lol. Oh... and a baby, of COURSE!
    Enjoy your baby shower!!

  2. You're in the home stretch mama! I love following your journey! Blessings to you and precious Asher, baby!

    I went home for a baby shower in my home state as well when I lived in Ohio. It was a blast coming back with a big baby bump and getting goodies! Have fun!

  3. Wow, 3rd trimester already! You're looking great! :)

  4. you are such a cute pregnant! gah!
    Texas is wonderful; i grew up there my whole childhood. i miss it dearly. :)

  5. I just came over from Jenn's blog. So glad I did. lovely lovely blog! And I am just about 28 weeks pregnant too! You look beautiful. I look tired...:) I will be following now, Nice to meet you!

  6. Beautiful belly!! you look so SO great!

  7. I saw that your were featured. How awesome!
    You look so beautiful!

  8. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I wish you a happy & healthy remaining journey. =) you looks beautiful!

    PS. Found you through the feature.