March 16, 2011

Texas, It's Always A Pleasure...

Today I leave back for Virginia.
My time in Texas has been great, and well needed.
I love my family so, and the realization that the next time I see them is when Asher will be here is pretty crazy.  Here is me and my Momma... whom I love dearly.


Still I am SO SO SO excited to see my Jasha today.
Airports are special to us.
We had our first kiss at one.
It was literally as corny as you could probably imagine ha, but also perfect.
&  I can't wait to see him.


Thank you to everyone who commented about my shower. I loved the theme too!
I am also lucky enough to be having another shower in Virginia in the coming months...
I have to admit they are pretty fun.

Now I'm off to try to pack my two massive check in bags for the airport
& pray that take off and landing doesn't make me sick.
(Since becoming pregnant I have realized this happens with me)

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  1. Save travels :) hopefully its not to cold in VA for you :)

  2. have a safe trip home. I love your blog and the nickname you call your hubby by. JASHA it is actually quite a cute name for either a boy or girl. just a thought. lol and your bangs are so amazing on you. be blessed and may the LORD keep you safe and not sick on that flight home :)


  3. And Virginia welcomes you home - bring warm weather.

  4. do you have a love story posted? i'd love to read it! you can read mine on my blog from new jersey to texas :)