March 31, 2011

Delay Is Not Denial.

A long but good story:

Okay so I haven't blogged about this, but I really really have wanted to, but this is the story of our Good Lord leading us... always.

See that cute little 1950s house above? That is going to be our house...
At least I hope. We have a signed contract & a closing date (middle May- yes right before Asher should be born) but I won't feel like its real until we have keys in our hands and are standing in it. Still the story of how it came to be is pretty crazy, 
and here it is...

Awhile ago I mentioned Jasha & I were applying for home loans, etc. That was the easy part. Then we started looking. Our price range wasn't grand by any means, but there were a lot of houses out there, or so I thought.

Then we found a house. It was cute, and really nice, but not exactly in our price range, but it had been on the market for literally 300 days when we made an lower offer. We were pretty confident since it had been on the market that long untouched we could get it. Nope... the day we put an offer on it someone else put a full price offer on it. I was really sad, but we knew well that is all God. He must be protecting us. 

I began searching and searching and searching for the right house.
But we did NOT want to buy a house just because we had a loan. It had to be right. Seriously, though, there was nothing on the market I liked, so we got our realtor Kim to start showing us some apartments. 

*Side note here: Kim is amazing. If you live in the Fredericksburg, VA area you should def use her. She and her husband pray specifically for anyone they work with. (Click HERE for a link to her site)In fact she had gotten her good friend to pray for us, and she had a prophetic word for us that day... "Delay is not denial." At the time I was not sure what it meant, but I'll get to that later."

There were some really nice apartments, and then some really not nice ones. 
I do believe Josh called one a hobbit's home. Anyways, Kim had printed out all the apartments specs to look out, and in the bottom of the pile was another house for sell. I had seen it before, but there were no inside pictures, and it was not in the exact area we were looking to live in. It was then we all felt we should go check it out. It was great, and had tons of unfinished space that could literally double the square footage of the house. We made an offer right away. Except we went a few thousand under the asking price because of our price range. 

At this time we thought it was going to be ours. Also at this time the Lord lead me to read a book a few days after the offer was made... Hind's Feet in High Places by Hannah Hurnard. This book is amazing as it stands, but as I was reading it a repeating theme kept coming up. The Shepherd in the story (who represented Jesus) kept telling the main character (basically) I delay you not to death, but to the good things I have for you. It was then I knew we didn't get that house, and sure enough the next day we found out someone had made a full offer again on the house.

I felt like the Lord wanted us to keep looking for a house, but I was seriously not wanting to. There was nothing on the market we liked, and while living with family is great (seriously a HUGE blessing) I really wanted my own place. We have lived with other people for the last 8 months of marriage after having our own place for a year, and I just feel like its time to have our own place again... especially with Asher coming. Well that day I felt God wanting me to look at the new houses on the market one more time, and there it was.... my dream home, and it had literally come on the market that day! I just knew this was the one. There was only one picture of it from the outside but I felt a fluttering in my spirit telling me...This is it! I called Josh right away and told him that I was sure this is the house for us. He was hesitant at first. I easily get excited ha... but when he came home I told him how much I felt it was from the Lord. Around midnight that night more pictures of the inside were posted and when Josh saw them he knew too. We emailed our realtor that night and said I know we haven't seen it yet, and want to tomorrow, but we also know we want to make an offer on it.

The next day we walked through and I felt at peace. I felt at home. It was perfect.
All hardwood floors, beautiful gardens, two porches, and a lovely vintage feel.
PLUS it is literally one minute from where The Prayer Furnace (our prayer room community) meets every Friday. We were sold. We sat in the kitchen then and wrote up the offer.
It was lower than the asking price, but barely. 
Then last night (four days after it had been on the market) we found out our offer was accepted!

It all made sense then. The whole journey. God was delaying us to lead us to the perfect place. He is so so so good!

The back porch

(The following is for people we know... unless you really feel like its for you too) ;)
Now we do need some help with closing costs and fees, and if anyone feels like they want to support us here is a link to our GO FUND ME SITE:

I can't wait to start inspiration looking for this house. We have literally no furniture, barely any house supplies, and no extra funds to buy anything, but it will be so fun to figure it all out. 


  1. am absolutely thrilled for your guys!
    Its so amazing to come out the other end of things like that and see clearly what the Lord was doing all along. What a blessing!

  2. Congratulations Elisa! It is so cute! I have been following your journey through this blog and am always excited when a new post is up. It is inspiring and i love it! Delay is not denial can apply to so many things in life and it gives me hope :) good luck with baby asher! I am sure he will be adorable!

  3. The house is just so precious! You two are so wonderful and patient I will be praying that everything works out with the house!

  4. Thalia -- Mama WarriorMarch 31, 2011 at 8:30 AM

    Tears in my eyes reading this. God is so good. So faithful SOOOOO *on time*. WORD TO THE J-DADDY!!! He's got 'cho back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Thank you for your provision and thank you for the blessing of sweet little Asher and the amazing Farrow family. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future will hold for you all. MWAH!!!!!!!!!!! MISS YOU TONS!!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. My husband and I feel like God has our life on hold. Every effort we make it seems like nothing comes to fruition. Trying not be angry with our Father (sometimes it is hard when you want something so badly), we are searching for new ways to be closer to Him to hear Him better. Maybe ours is a "delay and not a denial". I am hopeful.

    I am so glad that you have been blessed with a beautiful home to grow your family in! Congratulations.

  6. God is good! I definitely teared up reading this. :)

    The exciting thing about this house too is that you can do all sorts of DIY things, since you're low on money. "Necessity is the mother of invention."

  7. It's such a cute house! Congrats!

  8. How exciting! The house looks absolutely adorable and it's amazing how God worked everything out.


  9. your optimism and excitement is truly the LORDS presence with you! How exciting. I honestly think that house looks perfect for my standards. It is small, cozy and so old-fashion looking. The Lord truly is in control of every aspect and this is such an encouragement to me because I am currently fundraising for AFRICA right now and am quite eager to know how exactly the 1000 dollars is going to come in for me and the other 4 girls that are going. I know that GOD is set on providing and I know that He wants me to be obedient and patient in the process and this is just a perfect example of waiting on the LORD and not leaning on our own understanding of things. Thanks be to GOD!! And I am glad to witness this part of your journey :)!
    ♥ Chetreanna

  10. oh how exciting! that is such a cute and adorable house! :)

  11. Oh Wow. Loved this story. Our God is so so good. I was really moved reading this, as I am getting married next month, and while my fiance will move in with me (at my fathers house) for a short bit while we replenish funds, we expect to be in the market for a house by the end of the year. I can't wait, yet I know it's a scary process. reading this just gave me so much more hope. I KNOW God will lead our way. I hope to be able to donate to your fund soon (and also excited to see that site, may be able to use it to help us with our house issues). I'd love to get you an IKEA gift card as I know how much I adore IKEA as well. Many Blessings!

  12. obvious, i know, but watch thrift stores and out by dumpsters, side of the road and on craigslist in the free section, as well as furniture. my fiancee and i have been living with different strangers for the last 13 months, and we searched and prayed for a place to live on our own, and i found the perfect little condo to rent, but there were many catches. long story, but basically we were very blessed that although a lot of problems sprung up, God worked it all out in the end and now we have more space than we could have imagined! how to fill it is another issue, and i did all the things i suggested you do, and i now have a couch, large desk, bed, 2 tvs, and various other pieces of furniture, you just have to be crafty and make them fit together, and make it look like you! recover furniture, or repaint, etc.