March 28, 2011

32 Weeks... Whaaat I'm Huge!?!

Ha that (the title above) was exactly what I said when looking at these pictures after Jasha took them.
But I'm actually feeling pretty good. Besides being short of breath sometimes, and still not sleeping too well I'm feeling pretty great.

I absolutely cannot believe how fast time is flying.
It's crazy.
Also I wanted to say a big CONGRATS to Mindy over at 

They just announced they are going to be having a little one and I am so excited for them. He or she will be precious!

Be sure to click on her button and check out her blog :)

Finally I leave you with some pictures of Jasha & I ... This is the result of me trying to get a good picture us with of his new haircut. Thank you Walmart. :)

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  1. Still lookin' great! :) You two are SUCH an adorable couple!

  2. pretttttty.
    and i know, i'm so excited for mindy and daniel!

  3. wow, your looking so cute with your bump. Not long now till the big day :)

    Zoe x

  4. lol you guys are sweet. and you look GREAT. nice belly-button. ;) mine never did that for some reason...

  5. you look perfect! I hope I look that good with a big belly ;)

  6. That belly is so so cute. My belly never popped out so I guess thats why i loooove pictures like that. You are gorgeous.

  7. your so beautiful prego! The baby belly looks so round and tight on you girl! BEAUTIFUL. I hope you get lots of pregnant photos :). Also your page is so cute with the wood. It just feels so homely. Glad your pregnancy is going well and I am going to pray for your child right now before bed! blessings chica.

    ♥ CheChe

  8. oh my WORD! elisa! i can't believe you're 32 weeks already!!!!
    can't WAIT to see pictures of your little man!

  9. SO cute! You're a gorgeous pregnant woman!

  10. Beautiful pictures Elisa! You look radiant! And you are getting so close!!!

  11. You are ADORABLE!! Your belly is sooo cute! (:
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    And if you email me I can send you a version of the book too!! (hopefully before your have little Asher!) If you need any advice or anything you can go to my blog or email/call me!! (:

  12. Y'all are going to make a beautiful baby boy!!