February 12, 2011

Love Letters

For no reason in particular.

Dear Lord
You are my everything.
Love, your girl

Dear Jasha,
You hold my heart.
Love, your Ellie

Dear Asher,
You are my dream.
Love, your Momma

Valentines day is soon & while I've never been that big of a celebrater of said day...
Jasha & I have a special day just 2 days after it.
It's our half year anniversary.
This Feb. 16th will a year and a half since we got married...
& I truly grow more in love with that man every day!

In other news I am sure you all know that Top Baby Blogs got reset...
Please spare two clicks to vote for my blog which you can do daily if you like.
It is a great way to meet other Momma bloggers and connect online.
Thanks so much.

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  1. those are such sweet little notes :]

  2. how cool! you actually have a reason to celebrate v day! your 1/2 year AND you can get your gifts at 1/2 off!!! I love it!!! (We celebrate on 2/15 so that i can get my chocolates at 1/2 off b/c I'm cheap and it makes me happy to know that I got the stuff AND I got it on sale! )