February 2, 2011

Back to School...

But this time as a teacher... 

Yesterday I started substitute teaching, and went back today, and will be there tomorrow and then again Friday. I love the energy of the school and the kids. It truly was great and really warmed my heart being there... Yet I need to get used to working again... I feel a bit tired, but hey I haven't really done much of anything since graduating college, so I don't feel too bad.. plus I'm 6 months pregnant.

But I figure work as much as possibly before my little Asher is here...
Which I am counting down the days to! I get so much more excited every day.
He squirms so often now that I feel as if I know his personality. I just can't wait to hold him.

Also I wanted to point out I added a link to my registries on the left.
This is more for family & friends to have easy access to...
Please don't feel like I am implying my readers to buy me things.
Your comments are gifts in themselves.

Well I am going to try to force myself to nap.
My Hubs and I have committed to the Lord and ourselves to be in the prayer room from 9 to 11pm every Monday and Wednesday... and I love it! Still my body needs to learn how to be a bit of a night person.. especially with a newborn in our future.


  1. Those little personalities start early....
    my JJ was a engergetic lil dude and somewhat of a stinker....he always let me know when he didn't like something...loud and clear.
    and guess what....
    he came out, and to this day, is exactly the same way.
    God does so many wonders above and beyond just growing a person inside you.....He makes them unique people. Amazing...

  2. I know what you mean about with all the wiggles knowing their personality. My Ari is so strong like his brother was but much more active like his sister was in the womb.

  3. are you a teacher or do you just sub? Im a third grade teacher and I love it!

  4. i love this blog. :) i love that you believe in God and show it. i think i'll keep reading.

  5. I know you are so excited to meet that sweet squirmy baby. Happy times ahead!!! :)

  6. Thanks guys :) Three- I'm just a sub currently until Asher arrives then a stay at home mommy!