January 10, 2011

His Name...

We LOVE this name.
Asher means happy & blessed... and this little one is constantly dancing in my tummy
especially when music is on. 
James is a family name on Jasha's side. 
I will probably call him Ash most of the time.
Now it is always subject to change...
BUT we are98% sure this is it.
(I say that because of any just in cases) 

Dear Asher, 

You my son are loved. 
By God.
By Mommy & Daddy.
By all your grandparents, aunts & uncles.

You are my special one & we can't wait to see you.
I'm praying for you constantly to grow into a man of God with a heart for Him.

I love you my little one.

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Update on my move to Virginia:
Well we traveled through mountains & snow to get here but we made it.
We are just settling in with my in-laws (where we will be living until we find our own perfect little place)
Thank you all again for your encouragement.
I can't wait to blog more about my adventure (as my wonderful Momma put it)
and our time waiting for my baby Asher.


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  2. I love love love the name !!

  3. Such a gorgeous name, you little note to him made me smile, so lovely.
    Take care :)


  4. i love it! one of my dearest friends has a little boy named asher. and he is the happiest child!! :)

  5. Such a beautiful name! so happy for you sweet girl! =]

  6. Aw! Such a cute name! He's gonna have two wonderful parents ;)

  7. Love the name! So unique and such a sweet meaning!

  8. I love the name! And, your blog is very inspiring in many ways. This child will no doubt be brought into a family filled with love. Best of luck, and God bless!

  9. Asher James is a very strong, lovely name! :)

  10. Ooooh! Asher has always been a favorite name of mine! Perfect. <3 Children are such blessings! No wonder Jesus liked kids. ;]

    <3 Deanna

  11. What a cute name! James is a family middle name on my side and one of my twin boys is Julian Tochi James, Brother is Joshua James, Dad is Andrew James and Great Grandpa is Leonard James!

    I'm a new follower :) Check out my blog if you dare! http://mamamandolin.blogspot.com

  12. my sweet, sweet friend's son is Asher. I love that name. good job!

  13. that name is absolutely beautiful! so exciting! i just had our second son, on december 20th, and we named him ezra atticus...ezra was the author of 1 chronicles, and it also means "court of God". we're so blessed to have him :) i am so thrilled for you all, and cannot wait to see how this little man changes your existence...and shows you a new facet of God's glory :)

  14. Our friends just had a baby named Asher... and I LOVE that name. Unique but simple, and meaningful.

    Just came here through She Breathes Deeply... congrats on your pregnancy, it's such a beautiful experience!

  15. AMAZING name. So lovely.
    New follower.

  16. Hi Elisa, my name's Sarah, I'm a new reader to your blog and I just thought I'd introduce myself. (I found you via Spearmint Baby :)
    Asher is an amazing name, what a great choice!
    And I also adore your story of how you guys got together, SO romantic! :)
    Sarah xo

  17. just found your blog. love it! especially your proud stand on your faith. best wishes with your baby boy (asher is a great name by the way!)and blessings for you, your husband, and your growing family!

  18. I forgot to comment on this post :/ i LOVE LOVE LOVE this name! :) :)

  19. i LOVE the name, of course! our youngest is Asher Gabriel (blessed messanger of God) and he is the sweetest, happiest baby! really lives up to his name! Many blessings to you & your sweet little asher!