January 20, 2011


Since moving to Virginia I feel like the Lord wants me to really learn to have a gentle & loving spirit.
I have always been a bit more on the loud & fiesty side of things... but I long to really embody the woman of Proverbs 31.

I feel like these months before Asher is born is all about learning, listening and growing in what the Lord is telling me.
Therefore I was excited to see on my friend Mandy's blog at She Breathes Deeply
this Celebrate 31 post.

She Breathes Deeply

So here's the deal :
For 31 days, blog each day about things that celebrate your God given beauty, and the beauty of the women around you.
Want to join? Go over to Mandy's blog & link up!

It officially starts tomorrow but I jumped ahead a day so I can do my 23 week post tomorrow.

Day 1: 
What Does Beauty Mean to you?

Beauty is so multidimensional to me.
Beauty is time. Aging. Grace.
Beauty is Jesus.
Beauty is seeing a new life begin. A full life end.
Beauty is watching my husband sleep, smile, and grow.
Beauty is feeling my baby kick.
Beauty is seeing my features in my family, and knowing they will continue on.
Beauty is dancing free in front of the Lord.
And then beauty is feeling broken, and breaking in this world to hopefully know God better.

Beauty is like water in that it is constantly changing form...
Changing how it makes you feel.
A raindrop and a storm are very different but then again they are still both forms of water.

That's how I see beauty.

Here the list to follow: 
Day 1.  What does beauty mean to you?
Day 2.  What makes you uniquely you?
Day 3.  Who is someone you know who inspires beauty?
Day 4.  Style 31.  Post a pic of you in your favorite outfit.
Day 5.  Write a blog thanking someone who has made your heart come alive.
Day 6.  Jaded beauty.  Has the world's definition of beauty ever jaded you?
Day 7.  Write a blog to encourage another beautiful woman.
Day 8.  Have a beauty secret (e.g. hair tip, make up tip)?  Share, please!
Day 9.  What virtues do you value in yourself?
Day 10.  What is Jesus teaching you as a wife, mom, or friend? (Or just woman in general?)
Day 11.  Post a recipe.  Or if you don't cook, try a new recipe and write about how it turned out (pictures please!).
Day 12.  Write about what wears you out as a woman.
Day 13.  Write about something you would like to change about yourself for the better.
Day 14.  Style 31.  Post an outfit pic!
Day 15.  Write to encourage a friend.  Inspire her beauty.
Day 16.  Write a letter to your daughter, or a young girl in your life.  Tell her what beauty means.
Day 17.  Write about 3 things that make you happy.
Day 18.  Describe your personality.
Day 19.  Write about your favorite comfort food (we are women- we ALL have comfort food!)
Day 20.  Write about your job and why you love it or hate it.  
Day 21.  Write a letter to your husband to encourage him (or if you are single- your future husband.)
Day 22.  What are some needs that need to be met in your community?  Blog about how to extend your hand to those who need you.
Day 23.  What are your strengths?  What are your weaknesses?
Day 24.  What is Jesus teaching you presently?
Day 25.  Style 31.  Post a pic of your favorite comfy clothes.
Day 26.  What do you hope your grandchildren will say about you someday when you are gone?
Day 27.  Write a blog to encourage someone and build their confidence!
Day 28.  Write about your insecurities as a woman.
Day 29.  Write about "a day in the life of me."  (Pics are great!)
Day 30.  Who is your role model as a woman?
Day 31.  Write about your dreams and goals as a beautiful woman!

In other news stay tuned for more Asher related posts.
I cannot wait for my little boy!

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  1. I could not have said it better and I am sure I will have a hard time putting this deep question into words! Beautiful!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Elisa. You have a poets heart. I completely agree with you on beauty. So glad you are joining in on the challenge, friend! And I am so excited about little Asher!

  3. Wonderful! So glad I found your blog, and looking forward to following along on this challenge =)

  4. As I read this I kept nodding my head in agreement, looking like an idiot to my kids.. but I loved how you put it.. it was a beautiful post.

  5. this post was stunningly beautiful (no pun intended!). and i'm thinking i want to join in! it would really hold me accountable to my blog, because writing is something important to me that i've been neglecting. your day one post is one of the most eloquent things i've read. love your blog.

  6. Hi..stopping by from the P31 Project and trying to follow a few of the ladies along the journey. I love the design of your blog 1, I love your definition of beauty and how you said that brokeness can be beautiful. I feel really broken right now but I can feel the beauty in it as well. Thanks for reminding me:)2, and you are such a cute pregnant lady! Congrats to you and your husband! Asher is such a cute name..and not just because my name is Ashley or my son's name is Ashton;) <3 <3

  7. beautiful! Just love your descriptions.
    So glad that God gave us beauty in this life.

  8. Wow, I'm so glad I stumbled onto your blog. I just love your pictures and your wonderful perspective. I'll be following along on the challenge too! :-)