January 30, 2011

24 Weeks= 6 Months! & Exciting Things

A lot happened in a few days...

1. I had my first real Snow Day !!!
It was beautiful... but it did make me miss working as a sub.
Still it was lovely.

2.  My Sister-In-Law and friend Beth had her birthday and a surprise...
Her and my Brother-In-Law Zach are expecting! 
Their little one will be making his or her appearance only 4 months after Asher!
Yay for Cousins!
And that kid is going to be a looker... and an amazing child of God...
Considering Zach & Beth are both worship leaders and full time intercessory missionaries.

3. I became 24 weeks pregnant... aka 6 Months!!!!
I feel really big. I mean really big. I think people think I'm further along than I am.

4. I won a pretty sweet giveaway over at Spearmint Baby!
It was the Kokopax Tote seen below:
To see more of their products check out there website: HERE

&  Finally 5. God is really building Jasha & I up.
The community and friendships we have here in Virginia are great.
While I miss Texas, and all my family & friends
it is nice to see how God is helping us grow in this new environment.
We are blessed.

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  1. elisa - you are the most stunning pregnant woman i have EVER SEEN!
    can't wait to see pictures of your little one :)

  2. Snow! I miss it a tad here in FL.. but not too much :)

    So glad Christ is providing you guys with some great friends :D

    BTW! You look amazing :)

  3. I am SO glad things are going so well! And you don't look big at all! You are adorable. You look perfect at 24 weeks! (Enjoy it... once I got to about 30 weeks putting on socks became a issue! Haha!)

  4. you are such a gorgeous mama! wow, time is flying by!! Congrats on winning the giveaway :)

    much love,

  5. I sure hope I look as cute pregnant as you do!


  6. hey there i am new to your blog and i enjoy reading your blog. I am only 15 weeks pregnant and I can't wait to find out what we are having. Good luck with everything and I am happy to have found your blog...

    God bless you!

  7. You look fantastic!! Love your photos :)

  8. What an exciting time!!! I have cousins close to my age and LOVED it. I hope my kids do too. And...You. Are. Adorable.

  9. Oh lady, you and your bump are the most darling thing. Things sound like they're going so wonderfully for you two (three)!

  10. Hi Elisa :) I'd like to contact you, can you send me your email?

  11. I can't add anything that hasn't been said (you know, about adorableness and blessings and such), but that you make me smile. :D

  12. You look so happy. Beautiful pics!

  13. You look beautiful! I'm about 13 weeks along now! Hope I look that great at 24 weeks! <3

  14. you are gorgeous! what a fun snow day!

  15. you look absolutely adorable!! glad things are going so awesome for you.

  16. You look just gorgeous, my dead. I am so glad you are happy an healthy at six months! Congrats!


    all this is grace and charm