January 21, 2011

23 Weeks.

How is it that sometimes weeks go by so fast... but days seem slow.
It's confusing. I feel like I have tons of time... then I feel like I have no time until Asher is here.
Back and forth... back and forth... time is so funny sometimes. 

This is my prayer for today: 
Be still my heart. 
He will be in your arms soon enough. 
Cherish this time before hand.

(This is what happens when one uses a self timer because the hubs is at work)

Currently my little Asher is kicking up a storm as per usual now days.
I love it. I love him. 

My Dear Asher,
Mommy & Daddy cannot wait to meet you! We love you so much!
It's fun feeling you move around all the time. You like music, and I'm convinced you like it when we pray for you as well.
I love you more than the depths of this Earth my son, but remember
God loves you infinitely more...and as he knits you together I know you will be beautiful inside & out.

Your Mommy

Here is my new slideshow from Week 22 and Onward- Also under the Pregnancy Link where you can find the slideshow for weeks 12 to 21 :)

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  1. what a sweet letter! You are going to be such a wonderful momma :)

    with love,

  2. Beautiful!

    What a sweet time to cherish. :]

  3. You are so stinkin' cute! I totally know what you mean about time... I feel like I am ticking time bomb somedays, and then other days I feel like I will be pregnant forever! The good news is-- time does pass. : ) Our babies will be here soon!

  4. So sweet! You guys are going to be such wonderful parents!

  5. I love your little prayer :)
    And your self portrait is very pretty!

  6. such a lovely little note to Asher :)


  7. Beautiful post!
    I know what you mean about time.
    Tomorrow I turn 23 weeks!

    I have to remind myself daily to just enjoy my pregnancy as this will be our last child :)