January 17, 2011

22 Weeks & An Update

Hello dear friends. Once more I am sorry I was off the grid for a few days...
Settling into a different place makes one very tired I have discovered.

I want to start off by saying thank you all for your comments about Asher's name...
We love it & it is so fun to call him by name & talk to my little one. 

So things here are going really well. Jasha is settling into his new job, but we just have to work out his schedule. 
We are very much still in transition phase. With his new job he will be working mainly 2-8:30 ish so we have to adjust but it is all for the best.
I also will be substitute teaching soon at a Christian school which is very exciting :)

We are definitely getting plugged into our prayer room community & attending an awesome home church which I am very excited about.

I still miss my family & friends.. I always will.
Thank goodness for Skype though!

& Although it is a little late here is my 22 week photo...

I am also working on making a new slideshow of my pregnancy week to week- which I will update you with in the coming week.
I also plan on blogging about inspiration ideas for Asher's nursery, clothes, etc.
I got a new sewing machine for Christmas & bought my first pattern & fabric (this endeavor will be documented as well).

Once more thank you all so much for your amazing comments! They all make me smile so much.
If you don't mind sparing some clicks to vote for me :) Thanks

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  1. Aww! You are such an adorable pregnant girl! I hope I am that cute when my husband and I get prego!

  2. you look so lovely! :) & it sounds like you have a lot of fun, new things going on in your life! very exciting! :)

  3. you are beautiful :) love the name too!

  4. I LOVE your top in the second pic... where did you get it?

  5. you are looking lovely! Glad you're settling into your new home nicely. We hope to be doing the same very soon!

  6. really hope you settle in well! we were just in Virginia :) where are you guys??

  7. so glad things are going well for you and your all happy, your looking great!
    cant wait to see your ideas for Ashers nursery :)


  8. Sounds like all is going well for you!

    When is your due date?

    I am due with a little boy on May 22 :) His name will be Ariah Patrick! (Ari for short)

  9. glad that you're settling in well! We may be relocating to Utah, where my husband is from, so i may be asking for tips on how to adjust to a new place when so far into pregnancy. Which church have you all started attending here?

  10. You look absolutely adorable! Praying for you and Joshua as you settle into your new community. Wish we lived closer so we could have play dates with our babies!

  11. thank you for all your comments.

    Paige- my hubs picked it out for me a random lil boutique back in TX. I was so proud of him :)

    Susanna- we are in Fredericksburg

    Rebecca- we are going to a home church through the furnace

    Mandy- I know maybe if we ever pass through each others states we will have to set something up!