December 30, 2010

So In Less Than A Week....

Before our big move to Virginia we should be learning some very exciting news...potentially....
We are having our 20 week ultrasound on the morning of the 4th & should be able to find out the sex.
Now I'm never one to count my chickens (as I frequently like to say)... so 
I have it already set in my mind that our little may not want to cooperate and we may not get to find out, 
but I really really REALLY hope we do.

When I first found out I was pregnant I was so for sure it was a girl.
Now I have switched to thinking a boy...
but then the next moment I will think... nope, nope girl.

Sigh. Only time will tell...
Still a girl can bookmark for both a boy and girl right?

For a little Mister:

1. Cool Cat Shirt

2. Dad Tattoo Shirt (unisex as well)

3. Tiger Sweater

& A Farmer Jacket

For a little Miss:

1. Checker Dress

2. A Fantastic Fox Coat
(way above my price range but a girl can dream)

3. Quemeez Moccasins (again unisex)

So until I know the bookmarking will go on.
What is awesome though is since my Momma had three girls she saved everything!
So I have some pretty good vintage loot. My brother was the youngest of us so I also have some little boy things as well but more modern & in a far smaller quantity.

All the same either way I cannot wait to know!
And of course we will share the news right away!
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  1. Aren't baby clothes so cute! My mom is constantly pulling my away from them at target.. but their just so cute to look at! ;)

    What an exciting moment :D Hopefully you'll find out whether its a boy or a girl soon :D

  2. Finding out the sex of the baby is one of the highlights of being pregnant! Since you are past 20 weeks, you have a really good chance of finding out. I have heard it is very obvious when it is a boy.

    I can't wait to hear your news!

  3. Samantha- My hubs does the same thing to me at Target! :)

    Mandy- I know I'm so excited! I think since I'm 20 weeks it should be fine, but jusssst in case I'm not letting myself get too too excited. I can't wait either!