December 21, 2010

Packing & Relaxing.

I'm sorry I have been so MIA lately.
First was the week away from my husband. Then he got to Houston this past Friday and we had to leave Sunday to go to Austin for an early doctor's appointment on Monday.

The doctor's appointment went really well.
We heard the little one's heartbeat again and that was about it.
In two weeks is our 20th week checkup & we will hopefully find out if our little is a boy or girl.

Then on Monday we packed up our room in Austin and shipped off a lot of boxes to Virginia. AND then we drove back to Houston late last night...After that I was exhausted....

Seriously I have been so exhausted lately.
Did anyone else experience that in their second trimester?

With all that said... once more I am sorry I have not been updating as much as I had hope. I plan to soon.. with pictures and all :)

I hope everyone is having a happy & relaxing holiday.


  1. Glad your checkup went well! Get lots of rest! & MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

  2. Well, the 2nd tri was def my most "active" trimester, however I did not pack up and move and that is exhausting just thinking about it! get some rest and you'll get your energy back. :)

  3. You are amazing to me, moving in the middle of your pregnancy. Though if you had to move during, at least it is during your 2nd trimester. It sounds like you're exhausted because, well, you're not just sitting around eating bon bons. I do remember being tired a lot more easily, though.

    I'll have to let you know when I hit my 2nd trimester in a few weeks! (Yes, really!) :)

  4. I think pregnancy in general is exhausting! To be moving while pregnant is even more exhausting! I think when women talk about the "extra energy" in the 2nd trimester, I think they mean they have more energy than the first , but still not the same as before they were pregnant. Just keep as rested as you can... especially before the third trimester hits!!!! : )

    Are you going to tell people if you are having a boy or girl, or are you going to keep it a secret until birth? So excited for you!

  5. Thanks so much Ashley I hope you have a Merry Christmas as well!

    Sarah thanks I am def resting a lot now :)

    Cindy That is soooooo exciting! I am so happy for you and Sam. Can't wait to see your next one.

    Mandy, thanks you are encouraging. Yes we will be telling everyone! I cant wait to find out!!!