December 7, 2010

Inspiration Tuesday/Deep Thoughts

Let's Start With Some Deep Thoughts: 

(The day after we were engaged)

Jasha & I knew each other for four months when we got married.
We had been engaged for two.
While it was a magical romance... I can say one thing for sure...
We were young. 

Age wise I was young... barely 20 when we wed. Jasha was 23.
Still he had only been a Christian for about a week before we met.
But we knew we were made for each other.. that can always make things hard.

Because we got married so quickly we had to deal with things in early marriage that we hadn't laid down to the Lord. To be honest we didn't even know some of those things were buried deep with in us.
The key word of our marriage has been GRACE.
God is so good. He knew we would run together into marriage... He knew we were young.
He knew we needed to learn, and break to be His... for our marriage to be His.
Praise Him. 

Now we haven't even been married a year and a half yet, but I can honestly say we have grown up so much from the beginning. When we talk of our early days... we always say something like... wow we were young.And I love that. Its our path. It was at times hard. 

Still we even turned down wise counsel from  a few people who said to slow down, and that there was no need to rush. This was good counsel. We're sorry about not listening. Truly, wise counsel is a gift. That's something we have learned as well. Especially being in a city that is a bit of a wilderness to us, and without much's a gift, and something to be cherished.

 But life can't be lived looking backwards. Thinking about what if? 
& My life is beautiful. It's full of grace. I think all life is a work in progress. 
Hopefully getting to know the Father more, and shedding our selfish ways.
Beauty in the breakdown right? 

With this all said I also want to say
My husband amazes me. I can't even in words say how amazing he is.
All I can say is
 He is something. 
Everyday I grow more in love with him. Everyday I am excited to see him grow more and more.

Anyways so my point.. sometimes people tell me they think our story is like a fairy tale and I'll agree I think it is (at least to me anyways ha)
BUT this is always another side.. a human side. 
And God is good and loves us humans no matter what.
No matter which way we go. He will always be there to faithfully guide you, to love you, and help you grow in Him, in love and in life.

This is pretty deep. 
I'm pregnant. I'm pretty emotional sometimes. Especially tonight.
I think I felt my little one kick!
I really do... a few lil bitty thumps. 
After I cried this song came on in my itunes (see below) and it made me think about my life and how much Joshua & I have grown and I just praise God! For our life.... for growth... for His never ending grace. We are so blessed.

It's a pretty awesome song, and the only part that reminds me of us is the "we were young" part. 
Still it's awesome, please listen

So concludes my Inspiration Tuesday... I'll count it for my deep thoughts ha ;)

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  1. I love this. Love is a fairytale, but real life comes with it. I can definitely identify with your story. You write so beautifuly Elisa!
    Love reading your blog as always.

    Baby kick? Yay! Congrats.

  2. Thanks Amylou! You're words and heart are so kind.. it means a lot to me :)

  3. I can only imagine how amazing feeling your baby kick must be! Yay!

    ps. I just realized we got married a week apart. yay to August 2009!

  4. How sweet. You are such a talented writer...and you sound like a pretty amazing person, as well!

    Hooray for BABY KICKS! That's the best feeling. :)

  5. I love that testimonies share the human side of the fairy tale that God fashioned out of the facts of our lives. Fact: you two were young--and are still not outrageously old. Truth: God has so much room to shape you while you're tender and teachable. Fact: Baby kicks are the most awesome thing ever!
    I hope you're enjoying life after school!

  6. Girl, I know EXACTLY what you mean. Kyle and I only knew each other 9 months before we got married... And I wouldn't change a thing about it. Yeah, there is definetly tough stuff to work through (I had a lot of crap to let go of) but by God's grace--- I can honestly say I could not be any happier or more in love than I am.

    I am so happy for you guys. I love watching your love story unfold more and more.


  7. Thank you all SO much for your comments! This was probably one of my favorite posts for far! It was wonderful reading all the feedback :)

  8. congratulations on your baby kicking :)
    I remember when I felt it the first time---I was so excited!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    I can't wait to mosey back over here and read more about you.

    (I got married young too*)

    *kindred spirits?

  9. Wow, how beautiful. God is so good to His children. I love that grace is key in your marriage. What a wonderful thing for a marriage to be based on. Beautiful!