December 12, 2010

Emotional Heart

So I was sitting in the living room watching my little bro play some Lego Batman on the Wii went I went all emotional.. here are my reasons why:

1) I'm in Houston spending time before my family before my big move.. and I just know I am going to miss them so so so much when we move to Virginia.

2) Joshua and I are on day two of being apart for a week while he finishes up his job in Austin.

3) The whole pregnancy thing.

Oh goodness. Hopefully I'll have my 17 week photo up soon.

So sometimes when I'm sad.. I just got to listen to coldplay.
For some reason they make me feel okay to cry some tears.

Moving is going to be hard, no doubt, but I'm happy I have this time to worry about nothing and be here with my family.


  1. I moved very far away from my family, too. I miss them, but being with my sweet and amazing husband, and our babes, makes it wonderful and worth it....even though I'm still sad they're so far away sometimes. Enjoy your time, and that Coldplay song is one of my favs of all time!

  2. Don't cry!! Everything will be okay!

    I totally understand how you are feeling though. I have a permanent emotional heart...since my son was born I think I have cried over something daily. ;)

  3. aw, it'll be alright! i know you'll miss your family, but you'll have one of your own now :)

    blessings always,
    anna :)

  4. Coldplay has been my go to music lately too! I understand big life changes during pregnancy. It's not easy sometimes, but it makes us stronger wife's and mommas! Lean on and rest in the Lords strength. :) praying for you and your sweet baby!

  5. I always listen to coldplay when I feel sad... Also Phil Wickham.
    I had a rough move this summer... Hard to leave a home. But --- god has really allowed me to feel at home everywhere Jonathan and i have lived since then... I feel nested in Tyler. Grace, sister.