November 14, 2010

13 weeks

This week is going to be a great one! On Wednesday we are flying to Fredericksburg, VA
(where we will be moving to in January) to attend my brother in law, and his beautiful bride to be's wedding on Friday. Both Jasha & I are in the wedding, he is the best man, and I am a bridesmaid.
We are so so excited!! Zach & Beth truly are a beautiful picture of Christ's love for his children.
Plus they look pretty darn good together.. as seen below.

Also on Friday I will be 14 weeks which means my second trimester... 
which means Ahh Time is flying.
Here are my 13 week pictures, I hope you see the little pop I was talking about :)

I am so excited. Life is changing and although it can make me a bit nervous I feel so abundantly blessed.
For instance, I graduate in 20 days. God is so good to allow me to graduate a semester early, because otherwise I would have been having a baby right when I was supposed to graduate... which might be even more nerve racking. 

Still I admit, sometimes I forget I'm pregnant, or just think it's too surreal to be real 
BUT then little things catch me off guard and I realize I am going to have a beautiful little one soon.
For instance, this youtube video left me in tears, and realizing that very thing.


Finally I wanted to tell you about this awesome blogger Rylie over at

She is making these amazing bracelets for a wonderful cause (ICA).
ICA= International Crisis Aid. They help victims that have been forced into the commercial sex trade.
Yall should check it out. 

Oh & thanks again guys for all your comments & love. 
I love my blogger community so much :)
& Don't forget to vote for my blog (you can daily)!

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  1. Have a safe and lovely trip! Will you be looking for a place to live while you're there?
    You look terrific as a pregnant mama. :)

  2. Thanks Cindy! Actually when we first move we will be living with my in laws and then look for a place once we are there. :) Thanks!

  3. That is the cutest little pop ever! You look so happy (:

  4. Yep, there is a 'pop' there alright! Beautiful video :) No wonder you cried...

  5. Thank you so much! :)
    I am really excited about what God is doing!!
    ps. love the photos.

  6. ahh!!! i didnt even know you were preggers! congratulations to yall!
    i miss you terribly but am so excited you are moving to fredericksburg...
    now i can visit the whole gang in one trip :)

  7. Congratulations! I just realized that you guys were pregnant!! Such a blessing lady!

  8. you are precious! I CAN see it! Adorable!