November 7, 2010

Fixed Computer... & The Parent Story

Hallelujah my computer is up and running! Hooray. So first things first... I wanted to say that everyone of your comments has been loved and cherished by me. I won't lie to you I cried reading many of them after I posted about the baby. I would yell and tell Jasha..."Babe people are so nice!" and then I would tear up. Thank you all so so so much for all your love and congratulations! Truly I can not say it enough.

On another note I have totally failed on the 30 days of truth, so I'm just going to stop trying and chalk it up to a good try on my part. I'm mean I've been pregnant sick... kind of constantly...It has not been pretty. Anywhoo... here is the fun story of how we told my parents, and then Jasha's parents the BIG news. 

First off I had to keep the secret for so so long. Yeah like 6 weeks. This was not easy since I talk to my Momma quite a bit, but I did it! Jasha was proud. We knew we would be going to Houston (where my parents live) Halloween weekend, so I devised a plan. I would make our costumes so that they would give the secret away. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby, and it was a go. 

First I made us these fluffy bear ears, then we covered our shirts (mine with a apron, and Josh's with a button up) My parents upon first seeing the costumes, were like "Oh you're bears..." And then we counted to three and took off the apron and extra shirt... then they got it right away... We were the three bears! We did the same thing for Josh's parents over skype, but they loved it all the same. Here are some pictures...

The Three Bears.
 Sweet love of mine

Papa Bear looking adorable

Tomorrow I will post my first belly picture picture!
And let me tell you I am so excited to start blogging all about babies, and preparing for this amazing journey! Also if you wouldn't mind sparing a few clicks for my blog.. Thanks

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  1. cute lis! and you better believe I am JUST AS EXCITED as you for all the future baby blogging! I downloaded the ultrasound pictures to my phone and keep showing anyone who will look my future niece/nephew! Love ya!

  2. What a sweet way to tell :) Too cute!

  3. You guys are so creative and cute!
    I can't imagine keeping it a secret for 10 weeks! Oh, my, it would kill me.
    I hope you get past the sickness really soon. I actually lost weight in my 1st trimester because I was so sick. Give protein shakes a try, or Carnation instant breakfast; it gets some protein and vitamins in you to help keep your blood sugar stable, which supposedly helps combat the nausea before it starts.

  4. Congrats! Such a cute way of telling your fam!

  5. omg Elisa, I literally just cried. haha i'm ridiculous, but seriously! That is soooo cute :) I loooove it!!!! I'm so beyond thrilled for you!!!! (=

  6. Great idea! How sweet! You two (three) are too precious!

  7. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Adorable idea!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  8. awww! I love that idea. So creative and sweet!

  9. adorable!! pregnancies are so amazingly exciting!