October 9, 2010


We are but a moment.
I love time, and aging.
I am young today, older tomorrow.
 I find this to be beautiful.

I was reading some of my old notes on Facebook. I wrote this poem called: None of It Matters
when I was 18. It was in a moment when I wasn't sure if I would ever met a guy to live up to my dreams. At times in life I think I was rather hopeless when thinking about love, man time has changed things. Praise God.

None of It Matters
Yet & except it all still matters.

How do we even make sense of that?
Close your eyes, and let go. youll never know.

Live in the mystery, you know the first line of the final chapter, 
But the ending, and the answers are just too big to comprehend yet.

I went to that party outside my door,
and I didnt care about anyones eyes, so I thought of yours

Feeling my bones growing, but my limbs remain in line. 
Earning wrinkles,& it feels rather nice.

My past has one name I care enough to remember. 
If the world crumbles, will I ever know yours dear?

Which would be neither here nor there, and pain would be nothing more than beauty,
That first line of that odd chapter, maybe thats enough for me?

No characters, but a king and peasant girl.
Maybe no earthly love, but a perfect one.

It could be rather nice, most certainly more than pleasant.
Who likes the norm much in these common days?

Im not afraid of mysterious ways,
Not anymore.

Yet God delivered to me a prince, and it is he, me and our King all in love...and it never feels like the norm. It feels purposeful. It feels beautiful.

Here is a photo of Joshua and I, first engaged, then married, then married for a year. Everyday growing with him I learn these mysterious lessons of love, our God, and life. 

I know its strange but I just got to say I love time.


  1. I love love. You two are wonderful together.

  2. i agree with mandy! those pictures of you two are amazing.

  3. Cute post! loved reading it! Love the photo's of you and your hubby!

  4. Beatiful post! I'm so glad that God knows better than we do! You have a sweet beautiful love story!

  5. You are all so sweet!!! I feel so blessed :)