September 28, 2010

Shooter at my School

Last night I was sick, all night. I remember I even was frustrated with the Lord because I felt so terrible and I felt my prayers weren't doing anything.

Since I only slept 2 hours I decided at 6am  to skip my 8:00 am class at The University of Texas, where I am a senior (and will be graduating in December). I never skip this class.

I woke up a few hours later at 8:00 am (ish) to hear there was a active shooter at my school. More reports came in that he had shot himself, but no one was hurt, but campus was on lock down. They are currently looking for a second suspect. If I had been there, I would be in lockdown in a classroom right now, and probably much more frazzled than I am now here at home.

Praise God for me getting sick last night.
Praise God no one was injured.
He is good.

Here is my Inspiration Tuesday post that I actually wrote last night when I was sick for today:

I need some inspiration. I'm exhausted, busy, and sick... &thus a tad grumpy to be honest.
This week is just one of those long, everything is happening sort of weeks...

BUT this song, oh this song has gotten me through some
hard times
Its one of my favorites to listen to to remind me of what's important, 
and who's important.
I hope yall like it :)


  1. Praise God for keeping you home!!! I am so glad you are safe and ok! Praise God!

  2. Oh Elisa! I heard about that this morning. I'm so glad you are safe and that no one else was injured. God is so good!!!

  3. Praise the Lord for your safety. I will def be in prayer for the campus....the Lord wants it so bad and to cure the hurts. He is sooo good.

    Thank you for sharing this music as well. It is beautiful. If you get the chance will you give me a list of Christian bands that are this style? I love it...I didn't even know it existed.

  4. wow. the Lord really does work in mysterious ways. so glad you're ok.

  5. beautiful music, and I am SO thankful that you stayed home and that no on else was hurt... so sad that people are hurting the way they are. we need healing!! thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow, Well i'm glad you are safe! God is so good :D Hope you feel better soon :)

  7. You were protected! It's amazing how we are cared for in ways that we may not even realize.

    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  8. This is amazing! I'm so glad you were home sick, not only would you have been super stressed...imagine how scared your husband would have been. and your parents! Oh, it's amazing how God works. So good that you can see the beauty in this situation.

    Btw. Noticed that we are both Prone to Wander lovers, Paige is one of the sweetest girls I know. I found your blog a while back (I think through hers?) and was thrilled when you added mine the other day. You are your husband are so cute, can't wait to catch up!

  9. Thank God for His protection and mercy! I'm glad everyone is safe. Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Wow! Praise Jesus nobody was hurt. That is terrible! I hope you feel well soon. :)

  11. God is so amazing! I'm so glad no one was hurt. He is s good!

  12. Thank you all for all your concern and well wishes! God is soo soo good! I am constantly reminded! Truly all your words touched my heart! Thank you each!

  13. God is so good! I love that he knows whats best for us ALWAYS.

    Thank goodness you are okay, and so is everyone else.
    I work at Texas Tech and when I heard about that it made me sick. I can imagine it happening here and I'd be the one all the calls came to. eek.

    Hope you are feeling much better now sweet miss.

  14. Thank is so wild! I had not heard about the shooter, but thank God you are home safe and snug in bed. Better day tomorrow.