September 12, 2010

Outfit & Vintage Printables

Rest was accomplished yesterday for sure. Praise God. 
I also read a lot of First Samuel (About Samuel to Saul to King David). 
Well, I haven't read this book in I would say years, and honestly I don't remember it being this exciting! 
Plays out in my head like a movie, very fun to read, and God is revealing so much to me through it as well.

Yesterday we also went out to a show and I decided to do a little "What I Wore" Post...

-Vintage Locket: Gift from Basil The Cat
-Tshirt Dress: Yesstyle
-Vintage Belt: Thrifted
-Boots: Minnetonka

I'll tell you what if I had to wear one brand of shoes for the rest of my life it would be Minnetonkas. 
In fact when Joshua and I first met, he was wearing some... & after he told me his testimony
I said, "Are those Minnetonkas?"
Which he replied, "Yes" & boy that's what really won me over...
Just kidding ;)

On another note, how many people here like home decor?
Because I sure do, and the less money I pay while still looking good is the better!

This website is a freesource guide to Vintage Printables. 
All you do is look for an image you want, download it to your computer
And either print it yourself, or for higher quality at a print shop.
Then add a vintage frame, and viola.. wall decor.
I grabbed a few images to show you how awesome it is 
& believe me there is more from where that came from.

Tell me what you think of the site! And I hope you each have a wonderful day today!

PS- Make sure if you read my blog you become a follower...
within the next two weeks sometime I will be doing my first giveaway post!!!


  1. I found your blog through picket fences and enjoyed looking around! Your pictures are lovely! :) I'm giving you a vote.

  2. cute outfit lis! man I am so excited! when you said that you were back to blogging and serious about it I didnt know what to expect, but I like the results! :D

  3. I recently found your blog! so glad I did.
    I love reading the old testament. It's so funny how that's what you thought was boring when you were little (or at least it seemed that way) and now that I'm grown i realize it has some of the most interesting stories in the bible! Samuel is a seriously awesome book.
    p.s. Love your outfit! So cute.

  4. I am a massive Minnetonka fan. And I love when my husband wears them too. Somehow they are... sexy? HA! :x

  5. I am so excited about this vintage printable site! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and you are your hubby are just too cute. : )

  6. tea- thanks so much I really appreciate that :)

    elena- me too, it makes me loads more productive in all honesty. Ive even made an etsy store... just brainstorming ideas for it right now.

    Jamie- Thanks so much! Youre sweet

    Amylou- I know the OT is like a treasure trove you only appreciate with age. Samuel is literally blowing my mind. :)

    LRC- I know exactly what you mean ;)

    Mandy- No problem! And thanks so much, Joshua had a bit of crazy hair/beard that day but I thought it was cute

  7. You are adorable, as always! I love Minnetonkas so much, and sadly my first pair are about to be thrown out. :[