September 14, 2010

Inspiration Tuesday

First up: 
Childlike Innocence
For those of you who are my Facebook Friend 
then you've already seen this..
But when we were moving I found this letter I wrote and it just
reminded me of being a child with young eyes.
*Lucy=family dog 
(who actually passed away last year. she was 14)
Eleah= little sister
Question of the Day: 
What is your favorite memory of childhood?
Second in line: 
Who likes free music?
Better yet who likes free God inspired music???
This album is incredible, lyrically beautiful, and inspring. 
Download & Enjoy, I mean its free: 
Let me know what you all think :)


  1. awww...I love that you were concerned about the reindeer! so sweet.
    I will have to check out this music. Thanks!

  2. Ha ha thanks guys, yeah check it out, the lyrics are great!

  3. Sweet- I am going to download it!

    I was so blessed by your sweet comment yesterday on my blog. I had to break the tissue box out a couple of times. Thank you, friend!

  4. Its really a great cd, and Mandy it was my pleasure. I truly think the best thing about blogging has been "meeting" all these wonderful women of God who I know will pray about things. I really hope youre feeling better :)