September 6, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is

As I stated in an earlier post, Joshua & I live with another couple from our community group (the lovely Cory & Michelle) until we move to Virginia early next year.  We really love it here even the small space. (Sometimes we can be quite the minimalists... especially the hubs) Anyways I thought I would show you some of my favorite parts of our room... 
 A precious little thrift find: Weasley's Jesus Lover of My Soul
 Our official family bible made in the 70s...Never used... Half Price Books $10.00
A view of our little room from our balcony
Fun mini piano found at Shop Goodwill
Our nativity scene we leave out year around These pictures all show what makes our room feel like home to us. My Question for you is:  What makes your space feel like home to you? I also wanted to show you guys the awesome gift Joshua got me for our one year in August. I had long been wanting a locket. The only jewelry I wear are my wedding rings, but I just thought it would be nice to have something else that was special & this is what I Joshua ending up getting for me:    & I love it sooooo much! Joshua got it from this awesome Etsy store: Basil The Cat
 In the end of the day, I just feel so thankful to have such a wonderful husband, and also have someone who I can be completely goofy with me. (As seen below)
Many Blessings & Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone enjoys their day off from work & school!


  1. You guys are too cute! And I love your space!

  2. Thanks so much Mandy! Its fun to have right now... I cant wait for a little house of our own, but we figure until our move to VA we will wait, and these moments of small spaces are going to be fun to remember :)

  3. This is so good. I am happy for you. I am inspired. I feel like I am looking into a mirror of me and my She's relationship. Ahhh, good to be hopeless romanticish but not so hopeless.

    Also, I am not mad that ya'll are coming to Virginia sooooon!

    Shalom! Salaam! Amani! Peace!

  4. Brad that is so sweet! Joshua & I saw you were in a relationship & were like oh la la! Shalom to you to brother! <3

  5. Oh my goodness your room is gorgeous. I found your blog today and I love it. You are a beaut' and so if your family.
    I feel blessed to have found this!
    Kate Russell

  6. Wow you might have just made my day! Im exploring your blog right now! I can say the same for you and your hubs, handsome fam! <3