September 4, 2010

Country Romance

Ever since getting married I have had a new outlook on how I dress. I decided awhile ago to get rid of most of my old clothes, and go for a new, mature but still me look. I wanted something modest, but a bit southern, and mostly romantic.
Florals will always be in my heart, and natural earthy colors. 
Ruche is a wonderful online store for all the above.

Country Romance

So my question is: What's your personal style?

Also if anyone has some stores that are aligned with my style, send them my way :)

I will leave you will this:

He is not our cat... I wish, but we are housesitting for our friends Amber & Todd, and he is one of their pets. I think he is pretty amazing looking.


  1. The photos on here are all stunning.

  2. :) Thank you so much, I'm enjoying reading your blog right now!
    If you want to take my button for your page I would be extremely blessed, do you have one?